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hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

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    Man their selection process is intense!! So many interviews and a med test? Wow...
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    950 applicants and 20-30 spots....talk about tough competition!
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    Applied as well! Received the same email as above this afternoon about dividing into three random groups. We'll see!
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    hi everyone I am new to this group. i applied for the ED position and just received the same message as everyone else about don't worry if you dont get the questionnaire today. If anyone receives the questionnaire would you care to share what the format looks like. Does anyone know someone who took the "Medication test"? Also are any of you from out of state?
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    Quote from Janetterd
    White Memorial Medical Center1. Why do you want to work at White Memorial Medical Center?2. What are your two (2) units of interest and why?3. What skills/behaviors/attitudes will you bring to this position or unit?4. What expectations do you have of our organization as a future employer?5. In your clinical rotation experience, describe a situation and outcome when you had to deal with a difficult patient for family member.6. How have you most contructively dealt with dissapointment and turned it into a learning experience? Please give concrete example from your clinical rotations.7. Tell us of a time when you had to conform to a policy with which you did not agreed to 8. How would you communicate with a patient that did not speak English?9. How would you handle an angry patient or family member who has complained about another caregiver?10. If you accepted a position in the Residency, it requires a commitment to work for White Memorial Medical Center for 2.5 years beyong the program. What is it about you that would make the hospital believe that you would keep this commitment?
    Anyone know if these are still the questions?
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    I have received the questionnaire and those are the same questions. Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed!
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    Quote from lschofield44
    I have received the questionnaire and those are the same questions. Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed!
    I think I know who you are lschofield44!! And I think you know who I am hahaha
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    Quote from kdawsonRN
    Also are any of you from out of state?
    I am a California state resident but went to school out of state. Am coming back because the fam and S.O. are back at home.
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    WHat units did everyone apply for? I received my email this week about getting the questionnaire but don't worry if it is today, which was on Tuesday.
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    I applied for L&D
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    @kdawsonRN: I applied for the NICU here. I'm still uncertain what my second choice unit will be. Currently filling out questionaire!
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    I applied for Med/surg and Maternity.
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    Yeah I said L&D and maternity as my top 2