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hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to wait til the summer. So please... Read More

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    Does anyone know if CCU and DOU are the same unit at white? Is CCU critical care or cardiac care? I was also asked to come in to interview with CCU/DOU and I don't know if it's the same unit or two different! Help! (:

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    Caseywestt- believe the CCU encompasses many units including DOU
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    Sorry caseywestt I haven't posted enough messages to be able to pm. I accepted an offer in the ED.
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    Thank you anais1999 Hope I 2nd interview will be more relaxed as well! How was the medication test???
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    The med test is pretty basic
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    I believe DOU/CCU is the same unit... Just because I know that some of the patients there are still critical. Also, the interview was so much more relaxed than the panel and I really liked the DOU manager! I didn't interview for ER so I don't know
    btw, are you really getting 3 interviews? i thought we only get 2 choices?
    Good luck with your interview! You'll do well and hopefully get the job!
    Quote from caseywestt
    Hi nglaurenRN!I will definitely try to find out more and let you know what they say! (: I am curious to find out when we would be notified by as well. How was the DOU interview? Also, kind of a stupid question but do you know if the DOU is the same as the CCU at white? When I was asked to come for the interview, they said it was for DOU/CCU. Not sure if it's the same unit, or if there will just be two different units on the same panel! I just want to be prepared! (:Has anyone interviewed for the float pool??Also, Lauren- did you interview for the ED as well? I have that interview coming up and the ED is my top choice. I'm already getting super nervous and trying to prepare myself as best as possible. Any advice?Good luck to you!! I'll keep you posted with what I find out next week. Stay positive!! (:
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    Well, technically two interviews. But for my second interview the ED and float pool will be on the panel (at least that's what they said). Thanks so much for your help!
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    After a month of waiting for my damn phone to ring, hoping that it's from White Memorial... They finally did and offered me the job! I'm on cloud 9 right now! lol
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    NglaurenRN, congratulations!!!
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    Congrats NglaurenRN!!! I am still waiting for an answer after my 2nd interview....

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