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White Memorial- RN New Grad 2013 - page 12

hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

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    Quote from daisygirl5
    I'm wondering when in August it begins....
    The website says 5 August 2013
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    I just finished applying as well. I have to say, some of these online applications really leave much to be desired. It's like going clothing shopping but everything is made for the same body shape/size. This part is a little tight, this part is too baggy, and forget about this part--it doesn't fit at all! And because they're just mass produced, it leaves you with no alternative but to try and squeeze into something that doesn't really fit you at all. Does anyone else feel like that?
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    yes! i especially hate the applications that don't let you attach anything...there goes my resume and cover letter formatting!

    ...and whats up with the personality tests at the end? I've taken that same survey/test so many times now. No idea what they really want/are looking for. ughh I really feel like most of the time my application never sees human eyes and gets filtered out by the computer.
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    Quote from gastro2012
    I really feel like most of the time my application never sees human eyes and gets filtered out by the computer.
    Even though they always say not to come in person, I'm debating starting to do that. Just spend a month touring around the state in my car, insist on seeing HR/nursing recruitment, and dropping off my resum lol
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    I applied for the position but never received the personality test as of yet? Does that mean I'm already rejected?
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    Oh btw, the nurse recruiter said that she already had over 800 applications as of Friday.
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    The personality test was the survey at the end of the application I believe!
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    Weird, i dont think i remember doing it. Hell, ive been filling out so many applications i cant keep up! :-)
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    Just received the pre-qualifying questionnaire so make sure you check your email! Good Luck!!
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    Do you guys know if the questionnaire was sent to all applicants? Or only the ones selected to move forward.
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    I'm wondering that same thing coconutgirl. I have a friend who applied and hasn't received it yet
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    the website says "All interested applicants who apply online will prepare a prescreening questionnaire and e-mail it to..."

    So it sounds like everyone get its, but I haven't received it yet either...
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    I just got an email from the recruitment team, stating they have divided the 950 applicants (!) into three randomized cohorts and will send out the questionnaires to the three groups at three separate times. "So please don't worry if you don't get it today"