West Coast University--What are the chances of getting hired?

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    To all the nurse managers out there or whoever might be in charge of hiring nurses: What are the chances of you hiring nurses that graduated from private schools (specifically West Coast University)?? Do you prefer nurses who graduated from CSU and UC?
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    Hello All ! That would be also my question , is there anybody that can answer ??? I have heard different opinions about this, so I am really curious wheres the true. thx
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    I am not a nurse manager, I am a student at WCU, but I know a girl who just graduated from there in Feb and she now has a job at UCI. Sooo they def hire students from WCU. It might be hard because the program is NEW and obviously trying to get their stuff together. But my SIL is a RN at a hospital where WCU students (ontario campus) do clinicals and she said they are just as competent in their nursing skills as students from other schools including CSUs. I know that getting a job will be a pain anyways because it is california, but then again, I would like to relocate eventually Good luck and if you have any questions, let me know.
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    Im not a nursing manager either, however i believe it doesnt really matter since everyone will be taking the same board exam. I worked for 2 years at the Stanford Hospital and know nurses who graduated from different kinds of colleges, Universities, etc. i know a few who got their Bsns from USF ( where ill be attending this Fall) as well as San Jose State University, and others. I dont think you should worry where you go, as long as they are accredited and so on.
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    @BGax: Thats good to know! whew! And btw hows the program going? Is it really intense since its fast pace? are you able to work?
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    Quote from tucaymarissa
    @BGax: Thats good to know! whew! And btw hows the program going? Is it really intense since its fast pace? are you able to work?
    the program is going good! There are some ups and downs with recent changes in the policies, but overall, I am satisfied. It is very intense sometimes. If you are weak in a subject, then you have to study extra ya know? I do not work, but I volunteer at the hospital only once or twice a week, so I know it is not as much as working. I have a lot of friends that work as well as attend wcu and they are doing good. It is doable. You just have to prioritize. I have found that I am a much better student after being at WCU for 6 months. The acceleration seems like a lot at times, but I LOVE it compared to semester system. It forces you to not slack off. You do not have time to mess around.
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    I graduated from Kaplan College, and I was hired before I passed my boards here in CA. The most important thing you want to look for at the school you choose is the accreditation, and whether or not it is approved by the CA BRN. I was also accepted into a CSU RN- BSN bridge program for the fall- so, don't go off rumors, do your own research. I have defied everything that everyone told me about attending Kaplan College. I was told I would never get a job with an education from that school and that I'd never be able to get my BSN from any other school but the University of Phoenix. I've found both of those statements to be false in my experience.

    We have WCU students on my floor at work from time to time, and they seem like very good students. Knowledgeable, competent. From what I've seen it seems like a decent school.
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    Thank you all for this info! I am seriously looking into WSU for my bridge program. It's great to hear some good for a change! Hope everythings still well. what's tuition like?
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    Hello WCU students! I'm thinking of starting in April Can you tell me more about your clinical rotations at hospitals? Did a lot of students fail out? What happens if you don't pass a class?

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    Like I've said before. I graduated from there. Grad in Aug license 2 weeks later in Sept, and two jobs in October. Quit one job due to their failure to produce standing orders and policy/procedure after three months. Still holding other hospital job. Just did an interview Friday for my dream job at my dream hospital.

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