Waiting Lists for LVN to RN Bridge Programs?

  1. Hello Everyone! I have finished all of the general community college pre-reqs for their ADN programs. I didn't realize that almost all community colleges have waiting lists --- some up to 2 years! So, I thought maybe I'll get my LVN license and then apply to an LVN - RN bridge program. Do any of you have any info on waiting lists for these bridge programs, esp. in Southern California? Thanks for any info!:roll
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  3. by   suebird3
    welcome to allnurses.com! i moved your post to the ca state forum, where i am sure you will get more responses.

    good luck!

  4. by   NickiLaughs
    That's what I did, but unfortunately. Many other people are beginning to do that too. So you're still stuck in the same rut of having too many applicants for a few spots. I see that you're from southern california, like myself.
    Currently most of the schools in riverside and san bernardino county have waitlists even for the LVN to RN program. The worst waits include:
    Riverside Community College
    Mt San Jacinto
    From what I understand, chaffey college and San bernardino valley college take LVN to RN applicants fairly quickly. I just applied to San Bernardino valley college's program. They said I probably would get into the program on my first attempt.
    However, that could change in the time it takes you to complete an LVN program. Good luck whatever your decision!
  5. by   sc1ent1st
    Thanks for the info. This is so frustrating. I don't understand why there is such a wait list if there is such a shortage of nurses. Good luck to you to.
  6. by   suebird3
    Teacher shortage is one problem.

  7. by   NickiLaughs
    THe problem with a shortage of nurses means a shortage of nursing instructors too. For example, you're offered a full time teaching position at say 48K (this is totally figurative). But you can go work in a hospital with a lil bit of overtime and make 75K. What are you going to choose? Also consider with teaching there's a lot of additional hours grading papers and so on. And the stress of having students that you're responsible for because they do clinicals under your license. Scary! That's why there's a shortage.
    Plus a lot of masters RNs are retiring and they can't fill up their spots fast enough and expand programs.
  8. by   chuchie
    I'm starting Chaffey College this fall to do the LVN program. I called one of the counselors and they said there wasn't really a wait list for the LVN program and she also said to not get down about the wait list for the RN program. She explained that a lot of people drop and that if you have a good gpa you should be fine. I know Cypress has a 3 year wait list and Riverside I believe has at least 2 years, so Chaffey is the right one for me.
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  9. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Chaffey' s pass rate on the NCLEX is also really good! I took prereqs there and was surprised at the quality of my classes. However, look out for any 'general' classes you still might need to take, you will run into the type of student that you can't believe made it past sixth grade (rude, ignorant, talking in class, can't write/speak, etc.), but I hear that this is everywhere now... But in the harder courses where the students are weeded out from those just taking up seats (micro, chem, etc,)- I was very impressed at both instructor & student.
  10. by   carol72
    Some of the programs do a lottery, so I would suggest applying to any program you would even consider attending and see what happens. Pierce has recently joined the ranks of "selection by lottery".
  11. by   NurseBeefcake
    I go to El Camino in Torrance and they have no waiting list for the LVN to RN bridge.