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does anyone plan on applying to the program? in the original post on this i mentioned: "hey guys, i just left the nursing career fair at the convention center in los angeles and met with one of their nurse recruiters.... Read More

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    Des anyone have any new developments?

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    Nope, but they aren't conducting interviews until the end of July/beginning of August.. So I'm trying just to pray about it, and not let the worry of my uncertain future eat at me.

    I did contact them on Thursday to make sure they had all of my references and that my application was complete, before the deadline. I had seen that last year half of everyone that applied did not have a completed file, and was nervous that one of my instructors had not submitted my reference.

    Other than that, I have not heard anything about how many applied/ how many slots are open.
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    thanks rahchacha for the update!
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    how are you getting the references link sent out? I have not run across it yet.
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    Killar- I'm sorry to confuse you. I meant all of my recommendation letters. A few of my instructors decided to submit their own copy rather than give it to me to upload with my application. It does not show on the online status that I have any recommendtions received, but they confirmed to me that they have the hard copies in my file that will be reviewed. Anyone with any updates? Still no word on how many spots/ how many applied?
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    =) thanks. I thought you were referring to the ucla/cedar reference check. So far haven't heard anything nor have I gotten any update from the website.
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    The post isn't on here anymore due to the server failure earlier, but I still wanted to answer the previous post.

    From my understanding, they were only looking at documents and information that was submitted as of 5pm last Thursday. I emailed the contact person on the job posting page. I got an email back from them saying that all of my recommendations had been received and were added to my completed file. I did not call anyone directly, and do not know their phone number- sorry!

    I'm sure that you can try and email the recruiting office with your updated EKG competency if you wanted.

    I know we are not supposed to hear anything for a while, but I can't help checking this page often just incase. I seriously hope we all get interviews and there would be jobs for us!
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    I'm hoping the same. I've been looking at older posts and threads regrading this program/job in the past and it seems like there were significantly more people posting and involved with discussion. Maybe, by some slim chance, this application window flew under many people's radar and we're all interviewed? It would be nice.
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    Hi all,

    I applied as well. Unfortunately I don't have any info as to the number of people applying or number of open positions, but if I hear something I will be sure to post it!

    Crossing my fingers for an interview!
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    I am another applicant. I applied to Surgical ICU and Hematology Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant. Seems like a lot of us are going for Surgical. Good luck to you all! We all deserve a spot

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