UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012 - page 3

Hello ALL!! I am starting this thread to keep everyone informed as to the process at UCSF 2012 New Grad Training Program. Good luck to everyone applying! Hope we all hear some great news... Read More

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    After submitting the app, when you guys review your application does it have both "Yes" and "No" checked for the application questionnaire portion? It does for me for each question and I swear I only checked one box lol.

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    Hi healthcare4life,

    I went back to my application and I had the same thing. Some of the questions had both Yes and No checked for the application questionnaire. I know I checked only one answer for each.
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    is "focused training/internship" the same as a preceptorship? i've never heard of that term before.
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    That application process was frustrating. It did keep logging me out too.

    Did anyone feel like the application process was too easy? Haha. And are we suppose to receive a long questionnaire type survey at the end. I currently graduated (last Saturday) and so I was not able to put anything down for the license part...I have my AHA BLS but that was not an option to put down and I won't be taking my NRP until next week so I was not able to put that down as well. I hope leaving that section empty won't hurt my chances.

    Also, I have two resumes saved on there (would like to delete one off) but there is no option to?


    I just called and talked to HR for those who are having the same problem as I am. She told me don't worry about not putting anything down for the license part if you are a new grad (like me) and it won't hurt your chances. Also, she was able to look up my resume for me and only one showed up for her, even though for me...two showed up when I went back to look at my application; so it shouldn't be a problem....

    Good luck to everyone.
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    Did anyone attach a cover letter to their application? Also, for general work experience, did anyone put their clinical rotations as "work" ?
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    I am having some serious issues with this webpage.

    As for this stuff:
    What training program did you apply for? Transitional Care
    What unit did you precept on? Neurotrauma ICU, CVICU, and a surgical unit
    When did you graduate? May 2001 :\
    Any RN experience already? Volunteering at a free clinic.

    jenn3999 - I'm not putting my clinical rotations as work because unfortunately it isn't really work. So I made sure that the rotations I wanted to highlight were in my resume. Also, in the 'work' space I put down a preceptorship (which wasn't connected to my college, it was external) and all my volunteer experience.
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    I e-mailed HR and asked them about why two boxes were checked when I knew I checked only one and they said that the system does that when you go to view your submitted application because the system is "masking" the correct answer they were looking for. Kind of confusing.....

    I applied for Intensive Care Nursery, PICU, and Peds Oncology
    I precepted in a NICU
    I graduated May 2012!
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    Hey guys so is there a questionnaire I fill out after submission of the application? I applied the day it opened but I didn't see anything and it didn't redirect me.
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    Quote from malpal89
    Hey guys so is there a questionnaire I fill out after submission of the application? I applied the day it opened but I didn't see anything and it didn't redirect me.
    There was no extra questionnaire. There was a small survey at the end of application but that was all. Good luck!
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    tashacorinne, i noticed you said you graduated "may 2001." just wanted to let you know that the ucsf application said that applicants cannot have graduated "[color=#3c3c3c]earlier than may, 2011." that's a bummer for me too because i graduated may 2010 and still haven't found a nursing job.

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