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Hello to all prospective UCLA Nurses! My name is Matthew and I'm a CSU Long Beach alumnus. I'm currently working as a Super User RN for the UCLA Health System. I hope this thread will be able to answer our questions about... Read More

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    Quote from babyrn88
    I also emailed the nurse recruiter and she said they might not be having a program. UGH. How are we supposed to get experience if no one will hire new grads without a residency and all the residencies are closing down?!
    CHLA is the only one with a definite open program this summer... that is, if you like peds.

    USC is also being wishy-washy similar to UCLA. Where have all the residencies gone?!

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    I spoke to USC recruiter about a week ago. He said that they would be having one this year and to just have all your documents prepared. I guess I'm just hopeful at this point!
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    I was in the summer 2012 new grad program for UCLA. We JUST started a new computer charting system which may be why they are hesitant in adding new grads. They don't want to add one more thing to overwhelm new nurses. My unit says they are still planning on taking new grads this year . USC had the same issue last year which was why their program was delayed until October. Don't lose hope yet
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    Also, they usually take about 10 new grads for each ICU, so if you want it, go for it. You don't need med/surg experience first ... Postpartum is hard to get in to, very competitive, at least it was last year. ER took like 3 new grads. And I think NICU took like 5. RR hires more than Santa Monica. There were like 2000 applicants and they took like 86. Every unit is different in what they are looking for. I'm from PICU by the way
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    Thank you for the encouragement and the information Jesusgal. It's good to know. I am interested in ER and ICU at RR so this was good to hear.
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    Jesusgal, obviously you were successful last year in being chosen. Any words of advice or tips for the new grad program application process? Thanks!
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    All your application components must be uploaded, so make sure you can scan your letters of recommendations. You'll bring them in a sealed envelope during the interview. Also, follow all directions otherwise your app gets thrown out---it's the easiest way for them to weed out applications. There is a personality test that it links you to. Just a survey, about you, nothing hard. If they like you, they send you a link for your references to fill out a survey about you. I'm guessing they use some algorithms and points or something to determine whose app gets through. Then your app is forwarded to the unit managers to determine who they want to interview
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    Also, being local doesn't necessarily give you an edge. There are many people in my unit who are from across the nation. If you want ICU or ER, and you get an interview, be calm. If you are too anxious for an interview, they will think you can't handle critical care. Really think about your first choice, that's what they look at it.
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    Thank you very much for all of the information! It is extremely helpful! I have all documents ready and scanned plus my profile complete! Now the application just needs to open up! I appreciate your advice and wish you the best! If I am fortunate enough to get an interview I will be sure to utilize the tips you provided!
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    Here's the latest news from the Calendar of Events page:

    UCLA Summer New Graduate Program
    Thank you for your interest in the Summer New Graduate Program. At this time we have not determined if there will be a Summer Graduate program. Please continue to check our website for the most current information.

    Job Categories Represented: Nursing

    Los Angeles CA Mar 11 - 31, 2013

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