UCLA New Grad Summer 2012 program

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    Thank you!
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    Looking forward to applying!!!
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    Same!!! Can't wait for March 5th!
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    Hi, how do you apply to the program? I went to the link, but I don't know what to do next? If anyone can please help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    thanks for sharing

    Enter here and apply as a new applicant.

    California Health Care jobs
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    Apply early and if you can on opening day. As you all know, they will probably over 1,800 applicants! Have your paperwork ready to go! Good luck everyone!
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    Once you apply online, do you mail in your letters of recommendation, or can they too be uploaded? (which sounds wrong to me)
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    I agree with Sitch321, for our LOR are we supposed to upload a Word/pdf document that our recommenders will send to us? I felt like that went against the whole privacy thing. Anybody know?
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    I emailed ------, who is listed as the contact for questions regarding nursing. She said "the letters of rec should be on the letter head. It would be better if they gave them to you to upload."

    Hmmm...not really sure if that means they want us to scan them? Uploading them just sounds...wrong if you know what I mean.

    So now what?!?
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