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    Flee, thank you! I would PM back but I can't yet since I'm new...

    Wow you guys are fast. I'm still revising my cover letter for the 242050th time. Did you guys specify which location/hospital you would like to work at? Not sure how specific I should be with my cover letter. I don't want to limit my chances by doing so.
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    Coco, someone on page 1 posted a link to the HR office. I used that.
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    Quote from xluescluesx
    It just says application received. Nothing about assessment. Weird.
    Hmm just wait then. If anything, you can call tomorrow and double check if they've received all you info., like the assessment.
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    @xluescluesx - Mine also says "application received" and "all required documents received." I've never applied to UCLA before so I'm not sure what's going on. However, my internet did kind of die in the middle of uploading my documents so that might of been it. Thanks for offering to call and post. Most appreciated!

    I also heard of the glitch with the assessments before. But I also read on there that even for those who didn't get prompted to take the assessment form, they were told that their applications would still be considered. I hope we can clear the confusion once and for all tomorrow or uh I mean, today haha.
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    Hi all,
    I'm back again applying. Finished uploading at about 12:10am. I already worked on my coverletter all week, and made some hard edits today. Uploaded and then got the error to upload the resume a second time so took another look at my coverletter and did a few more edits. Now that all have been uploaded, that's it. It's in their hands now.

    Applied to Peds, PICU and Med/Surg. I did address it to SM, and not "nursing recruiter". Oh well.

    Good luck everyone! Keep posted if anyone hears about receiving the 2nd part - the email asking for more information.
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    wow that questionnaire was lengthy! good luck to all who applied, lets do this! hopefully we can prove that the early birds will get the worm
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    did anyone not get prompted to do the survey? I got nothing
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    I was prompted to do the assessment right away. Now my status says "online assessment pending". Yes hopefully HR can clear this confusion right away... weird that other people aren't getting it.
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    What time did the app go up. I was going to check at midnight, but I was exhausted. I applied at 7 am East Coast time. And now I'm nervous because my cover letter was a docx, and I can't change it now.
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    I believe the application went up at 12 am. I too was very exhausted but I applied last year at like 7 pm of the same day that the application went up and they sent me an email saying that due to the overwheliming number of applicants that they have received mine would be put on a waitlist and I never heard from them again after that. So this time I wanted to apply as soon as possible.