UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

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    Summer hopefuls talk here.... good luck to us all!!!

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    Hi all! I just applied today for the Summer 2011 program. What a relief to finally press submit, but now we all wait with anxiety!
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    Good luck y'all! . Where did everyone apply at?
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    Hi! I applied earlier this morning and had some trouble getting a few of my documents to upload. I finally got them to work, but now under status it says "awaiting assessment completion". I already completed my assessment so I am a little concerned that something might have gone wrong. Is this what it says under status for you guys?

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    Mine says the same thing and I already completed the assessment. I guess all we need to do now is wait and see what the next step will be.
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    Yay, I'm glad you created a Summer 2011 thread, thanks! I finished my app and questionnaire too, and it still says "awaiting assessment completion" I applied to Peds, PICU and NICU in that order. How about everyone else?
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    their server is slowwwwwww
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    I applied earlier this morning and my status says "awaiting assessment" as well even though I completed the assessment.
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    I applied for C/T ICU and Neuro/(rauma ICU and then CCU med/surg at santa monica.
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    Did anyone else get a phone call from UCLA HR regarding a glitch in their system where they have your uploaded documents but no application on file?

    (nice to meet you all btw!)

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