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I'm starting this thread for anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Nurse Residency for October 2012. Good luck to us all!! :)... Read More

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    That is crazy! Did HR say which units were actually hiring? And does anyone know when they'll be finished calling for interviews?

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    Someone on fb posted that peds is done making calls.
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    Quote from loma510
    Someone on fb posted that peds is done making calls.
    Where on FB does everyone keep seeing these posts? Is it a UC Davis page? I'm so lost!
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    I think they may be referring to New Grad RN JOBS [Calif.+] fb group.
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    Yea it's the new grad rn jobs forum on fb. Good luck everyone !!
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    I called the nurse recruiter this morning. He said they are planing to hire a total of 6 new grads and many departments are not hiring new grads due to budget. Good luck
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    Hey everyone, just found this board.

    I had an interview today for Pediatrics. The NM said they looked at ~27 applications (those were forwarded from HR), they were interviewing about half of those, and then they had 2, maybe 3 positions. They would probably have decisions by early next week.

    With those odds, who knows!
    But good luck to everyone that applied/interviewed! :-)
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    [FONT=lucida grande]Hey there. Just spoke to Nurse Recruitment. He said that some units are still making calls for interviews. He said that due to the high number of applicants (over 700) they are sticking to folks who had a senior preceptorship in the kind of units that are hiring. There are only 10 job openings total. ICU didn't request any new hires, so that leaves me out. Good luck to everyone else! The guy in Nurse Recruitment was very friendly and helpful, so if you have questions go ahead and call him.
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    One of my classmates was offered a position at Davis for peds med-surg. Good luck to everyone else! =]
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    Hey everyone - I'm really confused about what cohort you guys are talking about. I last applied in early 2012 and interviewed in April (but wasn't accepted). When was this October 2012 cohort posted? Did I completely miss it? I was under the impression that UCD only offers new grad residencies twice a year.... I know the next one is opening up in a few days. Thanks

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