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I'm starting this thread for anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Nurse Residency for October 2012. Good luck to us all!! :)... Read More

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    UC Davis is starting to make calls for interviews! Ahhh!! I'm crossing my fingers & toes!

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    Quote from bbaileyRN
    UC Davis is starting to make calls for interviews! Ahhh!! I'm crossing my fingers & toes!

    ooOhh thanks for the update! do you know which departments are calling/ hiring?
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    Nope. Wish I knew though. Just saw a couple girls post on Facebook about receiving calls for interviews
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    I read it was for peds
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    i don't see the comments that were made on facebook anymore. were they deleted or moved somewhere else?

    nevermind. i think it was just a glitch. please ignore the comment above since i cannot delete the comment.
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    Does anyone know if med-surg is hiring? or received a call to interview on the med-surg unit?
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    I just called the Nurse Recruitment office, and the woman on the phone said that they've finished screening the applicants and that they're working with the units to see which ones will take new grads. She said they haven't started making calls to schedule interviews yet, which is weird, because people are reporting having gotten calls! So perhaps her info isn't up to date. Apparently the guy in the know is ---------, who was out of the office when I phoned.
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    Do we have any way of knowing/finding out if our specific application has been routed?
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    Hi everyone! I called HR and they said only a couple units are hiring. The nurse recruiter is still waiting to hear from some other units but this is going to be a small cohort. Only 6 spots for 600 applicants!! No calls have been made for interviewing yet, but calls should all be made by August 13th! Fingers crossed everyone! Good luck!
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    Wow 6 spots really? Thats crazy.

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