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HI All, I was curious to know if anyone could tell me what the starting pay is for new grad nurses in souther ca. More specifically Kaiser or any other hospitals in the South Bay? Thank you... Read More

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    Quote from AMAC8487
    Is 40 dollars an hour sufficient enough to make a decent living in Newport beach?

    I will be relocating to the area, and will be renting an apartment, so I wont be looking to purchase a home. But coming from Michigan, what am I to expect in terms of taxes and everything?

    40 hr x 36hr = 1440 a week. How much of that will I actually take home on average?
    I also live in the area and at my previous job as an underwriter I was earning about $21/hr with a little OT and I could get by paying rent of $1000. Granted, I didn't have a car payment or a family and was not able to save, but at $40/hr you should not have a problem getting by and be able to save some in the process. The above poster is correct, without accounting for other deductibles, your taxes will probably work out to about 25%.

    Good luck at the new gig, it's a beautiful area.

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    good luck with everything!

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