Stanford and Lucille Packard RN Residency Program September 2012 - page 11

Hey there Bay Area new grads! Stanford and Lucille Packard have posted the dates for their RN Residency programs and they open at the end of the month! (April 30th) Good luck you guys!... Read More

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    I'm not sure if there's any tips to give. Just be honest. It's one of those assessments where you say Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree and rate blah, blah, blah from 1 to 10. Nothing too difficult. Just a bit time consuming so make sure you're sitting comfortable when you start!

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    OH of those. Thanks so much!! Good luck to you!!
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    Does anyone know if there is priority for those that apply earlier? I will not be able to apply (due to recommendation letters) until next week. Is there still a chance that I can be accepted into this cohort?
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    For the summer cohort I applied on the last day possible and still received an interview.
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    yay there is a chance of moving home..and living in a cardboard box.
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    Hello all.....I am looking for assistance in preparing for the next steps for the Stanford 2013 RN New Grad Program. I see many of those who posted here participated in interviews and some even received job offers. So far, I am still in the running, although I havent received any calls.

    I have specific questions regarding the actual interview process, both for the panel and individual interviews. I am still too new to be able to send private messages but if anyone is still reading this thread, any help would be appreciated!

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