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So like our predecessors I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for all the new applicants for Sharp's summer 2013 new grad program. I just applied today and can't believe how nervous I... Read More

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    Hmm... I think I have just about given up hope for a call from CV... The best of luck to all of those who have/had interviews!

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    does anyone know the date that if we have not heard anything it means we our out?
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    I just got a rejection email from Sharp Mary Birch. It said the email was just for that position and all programs are reviewed separately so I guess we can hear from both hospitals whether it's good or bad news.
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    I've heard they only consider your second choice if your first choice program gets canceled. I never heard from my second choice last time around. Of course they never bothered to tell me I didn't get the job I interviewed for either.
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    Hey guys, CV was one of the last to contact people last go around so don't give up hope just yet.
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    has anyone had a call back and/or email about the med surg units? or progressive med/surg?
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    Hello all! I had an interview with the Sharp memorial new grad residency panel this week and I think it went pretty well. Anyone else?

    Does anyone know how many positions are being offered?

    I was told calls will be made in about 2 weeks!
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    People have started to get calls for a position! Does anyone know how many positions were open?
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    Has anyone heard anything at all from Chula Vista? Just wondering if I'm the only one still waiting to hear...
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    I haven't heard anything from Chula Vista, nor has anyone from my class... it does not seem like they interviewed yet but I am not positive.

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