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I wanted to start a thread on the Sharp New Grad Program in San Diego that opened for apps today. Best of luck to all that applied!... Read More

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    I have at least 3 months RN experience at a subacute/SNF and its still hard for me. It could be my résumé?
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    No, I already had my license.
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    Really? I need to find some place who will take me as a volunteer then. I've called a few places that said no once they find out I'm an RN.
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    Any one know if Grossmont residency has made any calls? I haven't heard anything about their interviews yet???
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    According to the last page, no.
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    Sorry, the rest of my response didnt post! I am patiently waiting too
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    Does anybody have any insight on what the panel interviews are like for Sharp Memorial? I have never interviewed with a hospital before.
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    Thebushies how was your interview with the NICU. Was it a panel? And did they ask specific questions regarding NICU or just behavioral questions. PM me if you want. Thanks for the info. And congratulations on the offer that is amazing!!
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    Does anyone know what the start date is for the NICU?
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    It went pretty good! I had 6 people on my panel. They asked all kinds of questions behavioral mostly.