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Is anyone applying to the SFSU nursing program this fall? how are your stats looking like?... Read More

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    Then is it okay to confirm "intent to enroll" in multiple schools? I have confirm Sac state and CSU EB because I don't think we will get our admission result any time soon.

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    Depends on where you really want to go. If sfsu is your top choice, I'd wait until like the last week of April. if they still haven't sent out the decisions by then, you can tell them to rush because of the intent to enroll date is due may 1st.
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    So lame that we have to wait until the last week of April! I don't understand how they could possibly need over 4 months to go through the applications. I mean, think about it: 5 admissions people working on about 20 apps per day, 5 days per week. How does that add up to four months of work? LOL I guess I will just submit my tuition deposit to Dominican and try to get a refund if I do get in to SFSU.

    Also, I received the FAFSA financial aid verification email. Mailed it back this morning. I am obsessing over my SFSU account, and saw that there is a button that says GE segment III classes. What is this for?
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    i dont think anything that has changed in our sf state log in or the financial aid papers indicate anything. i would guess its just part of the process for people that have applied for aid. i read through some old threads and people said that even after accepted nothing in their account changed for a couple of days.
    if you have until may 1st to reply to other campuses than it would seem you still have plenty of time. even if we dont get notice until the last week of april as long as you dont go past may 1st i would think you will be ok but if you are worried you should probably just call the campus and ask.
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    Financial aid said that you can always accept your awards (grants/loans) by the may 1st deadline and then if you find out afterwards from the school of nursing that you did not get accepted then you call financial aid and they will decline your awards. Not sure if that helps anyone but thought I would share. It def does not mean we are accepted just because we got financial aid.
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    Does anyone know where SFSU students do their clinicals?
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    Quote from scwolf
    Does anyone know where SFSU students do their clinicals?
    I saw them at UCSF, SFGH, SFUSD, and Laguna Honda. But I'm sure they have more clinical sites.
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    Just spoke to undergraduate admissions and they said that they should know before May 1st..so sometime next week, super frustrating that it is taking them so long!
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    Hey guys I applied to the Advanced Placement Option (RN to BSN) program and I just got my acceptance email. I hope this means it is going to soon be sent for the generic BSN program as well. Good luck.
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    Congrats namedkwon! What time did you receive your email?

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