SDSU Fall 2012 admission hopefuls

  1. Good luck everybody! I really hope that you all get in. This is a really stressful time in our academic careers, so let's use this thread to comfort each other and to answer each others questions about the admissions process. And at one point or another, celebrate our admission in the SON. Thank you very much!
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  3. by   danceluver
    Thanks! Do you know what the admissions rate is like? what have you heard about the program and its reputation?
  4. by   RNY2
    Hi everyone.
    I am anxiously waiting to hear about getting into SDSU for fall 2012 it is my first choice school! I have a question though, does anyone know if being a CNA in a home setting is applicable for work experience points? I hope so!
  5. by   danceluver
    i think so, it wouldn't hurt to submit it as proof
  6. by   RNY2
    Thanks for getting back to me danceluver,
    I had an interview yesterday at a SNF so hopefully I get that job because this it sure to count. And to answer your question, the admission rate is usually about 10-15% of the applicants are accepted. I have only heard great things about SDSU's program and I am familar with all of the hospitals that they do their clinicals at and they all have outstanding reputations. Did you apply this year?
  7. by   danceluver
    i'm applying for fall 2012! Just remember you'll need them to write a letter about it etc to get points for it Just submitted the first part of the application. Wow that's a really low admissions rate. But i'm glad there is not too much fluff in their admissions standards. Where do they do clinicals? Do you have to have a car and travel far? How much is the entire program, if you know?

    I have heard good things to and am so excited to be applying....just wish the program was a tiny bit shorter in length. Its one of the longer programs i'm applying to. Where else are you applying?
  8. by   RNY2
    The admission rate really depends on how many people apply so it could be higher. I applied to SDSU and CSU long beach. I do believe you need a car and insurance. It is not far I think everything is withing 25 minutes. They do clinicals at Radys children, the veterans hospital and I can't recall where else right now. And I am not sure how much the program costs. I believe tuition to the school is around 6,000 I've heard starting up the first semester can be an extra 1,000 plus books. Nursing text books are known for being quite expensive. Good Luck!
  9. by   csuarez99
    Yeah, I really hope I get in. I get super nervous just thinking about it hahaha. I've heard so many rumors about the admission process. Do you guys think trying to add up points really help??? I looked at mine and it didnt look that great
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  10. by   hpflnrsingstdnt
    I'm so nervous! I'm really crossing my fingers that I get in for the fall 2012 semester, along with all of you! How are your grades/points looking? I could've done better on the TEAS test, I'm hoping my grades kinda make up for it :/
  11. by   Spiffyness
    I wonder if they will round my 88.7% on the TEAS to a 89%.
  12. by   csuarez99
    Sorry, I don't think they round scores. I think the picking might have been cut down even more. The GPA cutoff this year is 2.8. I dont know how that will affect scores though.
  13. by   Spiffyness
    Aw 0.3 off to get 1 more point! haha. SDSU is my 3rd choice of school. It would be nice to get in
  14. by   csuarez99
    SDSU is my first choice. I really want to get in. What are your other choices??