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Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the application would post, and was told... Read More

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    Quote from MyNameRN
    Just got back from my appointment and it seems as though its three 12's + one 4 hr class.
    how long did your appointment take? mines is tomorrow morning, but i also have class later.

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    Do we get our schedule at this appointment?
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    I had my appointment last Friday - she gave me the orientation week schedule - week of the 25 is 8-4ish M-F in a couple of different locations- on one of the forms, it said that we should get our schedules from our manager but does not say when to do that - I am guessing they will explain more on the 25th :-)) not sure if the days tues -Friday are for the entire new grad group or location specific - one day was location specific, but the rest appeared to be generic information/ training classes.

    The physical consisted of v/s, weight, squat, bend at the waist, twist - also distance vision , color blindness test and depth perception.
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    The appointment took about 40 min.
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    I had my appt today. She said to call or email your manger before orientation to touch base and talk about schedule after orientation.
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    Hi all,

    To those that already went to their new hire appt, what did you wear? I'm assuming at this point that nice casual is ok? Thanks!!
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    I wore something that I would want to show on my badge photo - no strapless dresses ..:-))
    Casual :-)
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    I definitely wore nice casual. :-)
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    I was going to work after so I was wearing scrubs. I saw people walking in wearing jeans. I am so excited and can't wait for the 25th!!
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    Has anyone been able to schedule the wellness appointment? Every time I call (Mercy), no one picks up!

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