Scripps New Grad Nurse Residency 2013 - page 53

Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the... Read More

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    Finally!!! Now I'll be waiting for a call.

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    Got my call just now too!
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    me too! getting excited about starting
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    I have not received the call yet but I did turn my background info in late so I'll give it till the end of the wk. For those who have received a call was it to schedule your physical exam etc? If you are working right now have you given your two weeks notice yet?
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    I didn't get a call. But I did get an email this morning letting me know that I have new tasks to complete. When I signed on, one said, "Now that your background check has cleared you must make your new hire appt....." There's that and a few other tasks to complete.
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    b217 Thanks, I just checked and I did get the email too! Does anyone have any idea how long we will be in orientation/training before we start at our selected hosp? Just curious, I'm so excited!
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    I believe we do our orientation/training at hospital is the way my enployment lady made it sound?
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    Congrats to those who got job offers. I am thinking about applying for the next round. I was wondering if any of you could share some tips or your background info (gpa, adn or bsn, CA resident, etc...) Thanks so much!!!
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    Quote from spanglec
    I believe we do our orientation/training at hospital is the way my enployment lady made it sound?
    I had the same understanding. the first week we have orientation/classes, then the following week we are on the floor.
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    But I think if I remember correctly I was told that the first 3 months we have class every week... then only once a month for the next 9 months. So I wonder if we work only 2 days a week or like 3 8 hour shifts...haha confusing.

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