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Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the... Read More

  1. by   shars
    Hello everyone! I just interviewed this morning as well. I had a three panel with med/surg, trauma obs, and oncology. Mercy Green, La Jolla, and Encinitas were represented. I think it went ok, but it's hard to tell. The interviewers were incredibly kind though, and it was overall a great experience. Thanks to all of you for keeping this thread alive, and good luck to everyone
  2. by   B217
    Hey everyone. I'm glad everyone else felt that it went well. I thought it went horrible actually. I usually do really well but having a panel of 5 got me. I feel defeated! Trying to replay the whole thing in my head and trying to find good signs but I cant!! they did ask me if I could work nights but I'm sure they ask everyone since it's a requirement. I had Chula Vista, and Green. So, email bad and phone call=good right?? I dont want to check my email!!!
  3. by   Coriander
    B217, I'm sorry to hear you felt it didn't go well.

    Look back... did they nod their heads? Smile? Write lots of notes? How were they when you asked for contact information, and when you shook their hands afterwards? Sometimes the questions don't give us the answers as to how well we did, rather the emotional and body language of the panel.

    Wow. 5 people from CV and Green alone?
  4. by   christine19
    I agree with Coriander. It's not always black and white when it comes to interviewing. They understand how nervous we get.

    -Coriander: I just wanted to say I've been following this thread quietly and you have been quite the optimistic, hopeful person. It's nice to read your encouraging posts and know that it's genuine.

    POSITIVE THOUGHTS everyone!!
  5. by   Coriander
    Christine19, your post brought me much happiness. Even though things are so rough right now for everyone trying to find work, there is often a sense of camaraderie brought on by all of this. I am lucky to have you all along on this ride.
  6. by   B217
    Coriander: Yes they did nod and smile! At one time they wrote something in unison as soon as I answered a question. I hope that's a good sign. When I mentioned Scripps Values they all looked very pleased. I got 2 cards from chula and green, the other two just wrote their info on there.
  7. by   B217
    Christine19, I agree with you. I was following this thread silently at first. Coriander has been so informative and positive! Thank you Coriander!!
  8. by   peppered
    If they asked you if you can work nights that's a really good sign, I didn't get asked that. Zip pity do you remember when we got called in there. I looked at my watch when I came out but not when we went in. Was it 12:30 or later? Cause I came out at 1. I wish I had told one extra story -- but I think there is always something you wish you had added. It was way better than my first interview I had at a different hospital. I really blew that one
  9. by   B217
    has anyone received a call yet???....haha j/k!!! I won't start panicking every time my phone rings until tomorrow. LOL. OR every time my phone alerts me to a new email. Shots of whiskey sound good right about now =)
  10. by   peppered
    Yeah, I haven't had a drink in about 6 months but some wine and a cigarette sound good after all that
  11. by   laogirlinSD
    HI B217, I think we share the same interview panel--I too had a female, a manager at Chula Vista, a female (a supervisor of PICU) and a male. The mgr from CV smile and asked me lots of questions...hard questions I've never heard of before. She also asked me what shift, if I'm able to work during the holiday, on wknd and night? IS this a positive sign?
    The rest was just too busy writing or reading something to look up at me. I was myself and even though i should have sell myself more....i didn't do it...i felt rush....the PICU supervisor actually gave me a hint to hurry up as she kept checking her watch hehehe. My interview took no more than 30mins and it was a great learning experience!!!
  12. by   Coriander
    Quote from B217
    Christine19, I agree with you. I was following this thread silently at first. Coriander has been so informative and positive! Thank you Coriander!!
    You're very welcome. Thank you all for being equally supportive and awesome.
  13. by   Coriander
    It sounds like we all had interesting interviews, and that it's difficult to determine what the heck the outcome will be. Either way, it's been an adventure.