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Scripps New Grad Nurse Residency 2013 - page 18

Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the... Read More

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    Quote from spanglec
    I used the Farnham address and it took me right to it! It's like a few turns off the 15 fwy. I exited Claremont Mesa blvd
    May the force be with you, Spanglec!
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    For anyone who has already had an interview, has your status changed on the job submission page on Scripps website?
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    Nope, mine still says Applicant Review. LOL
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    Is that how it was last time you applied as well?
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    That's a good question... I honestly can't remember. Is yours stuck on AR too?
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    Preparing for the drive to San Diego (Sunday) for Monday interview.

    Starting to get big zit on forehead = awesome.

    I'll see all you Monday interviewees scheduled for 12:30. I'll be the old guy in the gray suit with the third eye.
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    I have a question. How do we get the interviewers contact info to write a thank you note. When I meet them do I ask for a business card or write down their names on a notepad. Last time I interviewed I was sent the interviewers names in an email. Ps can relate about appearance -- I got brows waxed today and the lady made them totally uneven - fist time that's ever happened
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    Peppered, they had business cards on the table. If they didn't have one, they're happy to write their info down for you.

    Zippity, drive safely
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    Darn it! I forgot to get contact info!!
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    Thanks coriander! Yes zippity drive carefully and I'll see you at 12:30, I'll be the one with the crazy eyebrows. Kraziev -- maybe if u describe your interviewers someone else may have had them,
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    Quote from ripplecal
    Hey all, I've been silently following the thread. I have an interview Monday the third. I was wondering if someone could help clarify the address for me. The first invitation I received said it was at 9444 Chesapeake Dr Suite 205, now I received another stating 9444 Farnam Suite 205...I am a little confused at this point and would hate to be scrambling on interview day. Good luck to all of you!!
    I was confused as well, especially because they called me the morning of my interview. Use the addresses Coriander gave you. The buildings for 9619 Chesapeake or 9444 farnham are right next to each other. So you will not get lost if you mapquest either address. There is parking behind 9444.
    Also I arrived 15 min early and they took me in right away!I was caught off guard thinking I would be sitting around for a bit.
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    Quote from Zippitydoodah
    Hey Coriander --
    Thanks for all the info. I'm interviewing next Monday, and am more than a little stressed about it. Driving in from Tucson. Having some idea of what I'm going to face, so I can at least visualize it, helps remove at least a few of the unknowns in this situation.

    I'm not especially fond of the odds (1 out of 4+), but if ya don't try ya can't get it. Whoever gets in from this thread, we should all meet up for a coffee or something near the beginning of the program. Coriander's is on me. ctglove too. As long as it's just coffee.:***:
    Coffee sound good Good Luck tomorrow!
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    Quote from peppered
    Thanks coriander! Yes zippity drive carefully and I'll see you at 12:30, I'll be the one with the crazy eyebrows. Kraziev -- maybe if u describe your interviewers someone else may have had them,
    uhms great idea. if anyone has interviewed or will be interviewing...

    female -
    male -
    PM me if you have their email address? I so FORGOT to do this. Thanks!
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