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Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the... Read More

  1. by   ctqlove
    Quote from kenderella89

    Those are the timeline dates. 11/26, 11/30, and 12/3.
    Oh I did not realize they ever changed the dates until I got an email because the main page still reflects 11/29....Did they have the new dates on the posting?
  2. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Quote from ctqlove
    Oh I did not realize they ever changed the dates until I got an email because the main page still reflects 11/29....Did they have the new dates on the posting?
    It was listed on the job overview when you clicked it to apply. I know super confusing. I still have my fingers crossed for my email. I'm super nervous and it doesn't help that I'm taking my NCLEX Sunday and I'm too distracted to study right now.
  3. by   hilary9
    Got my interview email today! It's for 11/30 also!
    Congrats to everyone else that got one!
  4. by   Jstar_s14
    Hi There!

    I've been following the threads on this site before and more recently in regards to the new grad programs. I also applied and received an interview email today for 11/30!

    Just wondering.. if you or anyone else scheduled for 11/30 can tell me what time yours is. Mine is at 11:15am. I just wanted to see if we are doing group interviews or individual. Thanks! Congrats to you all!
  5. by   CiCi RN
    hi fellow Scripps new grad applicants! just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me. My application current status is blank?! But I did receive notice through my email that they did receive my application on 11/05. Hmmm anyone know what that would mean? thannks and gluck to all!
  6. by   christine19
    Hi everyone. For those of you who have received interview emails, first off Congrats, secondly, what time was your application completed on Monday, Nov 5th? I know they go through the applicants in order as completed online. I completed mine by 3pm. Hopefully they're still going through the afternoon submissions.
  7. by   krazievi3t6url
    mines is 11/30 @ 930AM.
  8. by   Coriander
    I believe mine was submitted at 9 a.m on Monday.
  9. by   RNinC
    Quote from ctqlove
    I have been out of school for over 2 years! I graduated in Aug 2010 with an ADN. I am finishing my BSN this month so I have a "New" new grad date. If you don't have your BSN then enroll in a program ASAP. If you have your BSN than enroll in a masters program. I also volunteer for Scripps so I know that helped.
    Thank you for responding! I am enrolled in a BSN program and I should graduate this spring or summer. I'm also getting my volunteer aps in. Thanks!
  10. by   blondiebabe1418
    Hi everyone! I applied by 9am and got an email yesterday for an interview at 8am on the 30th! Any pointers for the interview from those who have interviewed with them before??
  11. by   peppered
    This is so hard waiting. My status is app review but nothing else, no rejection or interview email. When will they send out all the info??
  12. by   oh.hello
    Sorry if you already answered this question but what time did you apply on Monday, peppered? I am anxiously waiting for a response as well I finished my application and personality assessment by 4:30pm on Monday. Maybe they are working from the order they get the apps?
  13. by   peppered
    I finished it around noon on Monday. I thought if we just got in the first 500 it would be ok, bit if they are going through the order received then not sure.