SCRIPPS New Grad Program August 2012 - page 7

Hey all! I wanted to start this thread for those of us that applied to Scripps New Grad Program for August 2012. I uploaded my app and finished the Talentmine appraisal on Monday, May 14, at 2 pm. I hear that the first 500... Read More

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    ~30% chance is not too bad.

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    My only experience is externship
    Don't remember Talent Mine results, but I know I scored highest on Cognition.... 32% or something like that.
    Interviewed on 5/31
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    1) External
    2) Patient Care Partner at a hospital
    3) 23
    4) BSN
    5) Saint Louis University
    6) Local
    7)Motivation- 15%, Interaction- 32%, Cognition- 24%, Execution- 29%
    8) Interview on June 4th.
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    Tomorrow is the big day for a few of us, it looks like. I look forward to meeting you!
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    What time is your interview at, Coriander? Mine's tomorrow at 11
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    I'm scheduled at 10:30
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    Good luck girls!! Mine is later...not until 2:30.
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    I'm at 8:30am tomorrow!! It's bedtime for me very soon :-)

    Good luck to you all too!! Let's hope we'll be working together soon!
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing today!!
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing! How did everyone feel their interviews went?

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