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Hi Everyone, I started a thread a couple of days ago but the title was vague so I hope this attracts more readers and future SMU applicants! I am applying for the Fall 2013 cohort for case... Read More

  1. by   bananainpjs
    I just had my interview today, eeek!
  2. by   kevj82
    I Just had my interview today for Case Management. I wanted to thank everyone for the advice and support that was shown on this forum. I'm crossing my fingers and praying I get in. Hopefully I will see you all this upcoming fall. =)
  3. by   driven2012
    Good luck bananasinpjs and kevj82!
  4. by   ltcooley
    Rooting for you all!!! I agree Driven I believe that out essays, letters of rec, experience and life experience has a lot to do with it. People get so hung up on grades and test scores not they are not important but nursing has such a need for people who can relate and empathize with others. Good luck everyone. Hope to see you all in the fall!
  5. by   lalalove
    I just got the call...I got accepted!!!!...I'm so excited I could't stop saying oh my goodness lol she probably thought I was crazy..but for you guys that are still waiting don't give up..Like the others said it doesn't matter about your grades or test scores its the overall picture of you..I'm living proof!! My grades and test scores may not be the best but I have a great personality and I pushed the issue that I'm going to study my butt off and prove that I can tackle what comes my way..Good luck!!!!
  6. by   driven2012
    Congrats Lalalove!!!
  7. by   lalalove
    Quote from driven2012
    Congrats Lalalove!!!
    Congrats to you too...see you in the Fall!!
  8. by   ltcooley
    Congrats. Good for you!
  9. by   lalalove
    Quote from ltcooley
    Congrats. Good for you!
    Thank you!!
  10. by   lilfoot293
    Congrats CM folks!! I'm in the FNP cohort so I'll see you all this fall!! Super excited :-)
  11. by   bananainpjs
    I got accepted!
  12. by   lulu0805
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I interviewed for ELMSN-CM track on Wednesday and got the call that I was accepted this evening!! Congrats to everyone who got accepted I look forward to meeting everyone this fall!! For those who are still waiting don't loose faith!
  13. by   lalalove