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Samuel Merritt University Nursing Reputation

  1. 0 I am starting the ABSN program this Fall 2009 in San Francisco, and I have heard certain things on the reputation of Samuel Merritt's nursing program. Because I'm wondering of the job outlook after graduating next year, I am curious to hear what others have heard or know regarding the reputation of Samuel Merritt nursing graduates, whether they're good or bad. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    What is it that you heard? Samuel Merritt University nursing graduates are generally well regarded by hospitals and nurses. A large portion of the students hired into my new grad program are from SMU. The school has a very good reputation. It's been around for a hundred years, and graduates more nurses annually than any other school in the state.

    The only negative things I ever heard about SMU students/grads were rare statements that they're "prima donnas" or that they "bought their degrees." Keep in mind though that these statements came from students at other schools, not nurses, and that it's an assumption made based on how high SMU's tuition is.

    I guess people have a hard time comprehending the truth that SMU students aren't generally spoiled or rich, and they don't get any kind of special treatment or consideration in return for their tuition (aside from maybe smaller class sizes). The program is just as difficult as any other out there, and it's not going to hurt your chances of finding work. It might help.
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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. Yeah, I've heard only positive things regarding SMU, mind you these are people that are applying there. So I was looking for a more unbiased opinion, I suppose. I wanted to hear what possibly nurses had to say, or SMU graduates or people that have heard opinions from other professionals like yourself. I've tried to look up some program rankings and such on SMU to no avail. It's good to hear that SMU, at least from what you know, has a good reputation. I'm definitely not one of those people that are "buying" their degrees. I'm gonna have to pay back all the debt when I'm done, and I've worked hard to get accepted. I'm happy to hear that the money I'm going to be putting in is somewhat more justified. Thanks again for your help.
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    I live in the North Bay and I have only heard good things. I wish I could go there but right now it isn't feasible for me to drive there. I have 3 kids, in 3 schools, in 3 zipcodes! So, for now, I can't make it work. For my Masters maybe I'll be able to. Go for it if you can!
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    Hey Mamma,

    Yeah, I live in the South Bay, and I'm contemplating whether I should move closer to San Francisco or not, so we'll see what happens with that. I completely understand that you can't even think about applying at this point with your situation being the way it is. At the moment, I don't really have anything or anyone that I necessarily have to think about, so my situation is a little less complicated than yours. But yeah, definitely, when the time is right, and the feeling is still there to pursue nursing, go for it! I am. Thanks for your help!
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    I am applying to schools in my area just not SMU. I will try to pursue my Masters there or at Sonoma State. All the schools here are so impacted so not sure when I'll actually get in! Best of luck!
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    ohh, i see... that makes sense. best of luck to you, too! i hope everything works out!
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    hey just wondering if there were any updates on the SMU topic? I'm thinking about applying there because the CSU are so impacted and private schools are not as impacted. So is SMU a good school?
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    I know this is a little late for the topic, but I just wanted to say that at the hospital I work at, we highly value Samuel Merritt nursing students. From what I hear, SMU grads are highly regarded in the workforce and job outlook for them is very good If you can afford it, you might as well give it a go! The instructors at SMU are very well trained and have excellent teaching skills and will pass on very valuable information for nursing students.
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    Hi everyone!

    I basically have the same question. I was accepted into SFSU and was set on going there. This morning I found out that I got into the BSN program at Samuel Merritt. Now I cannot decide where to go. I will take loans if need be . . . all I care about is which school will make me the best nurse!

    Any more advice?
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    Quote from SFSUMegs
    Hi everyone!

    I basically have the same question. I was accepted into SFSU and was set on going there. This morning I found out that I got into the BSN program at Samuel Merritt. Now I cannot decide where to go. I will take loans if need be . . . all I care about is which school will make me the best nurse!

    Any more advice?

    Congrats on your acceptance to both SFSU and SMU. I will be starting the BSN program this fall at SMU. SMU is definitely EXPENSIVE. I don't know the cost at SFSU so I would definitely think about that...I don't know if you got accepted to the BSN accelerated program or BSN 2+2 program. I know the accelerated program is 50K+, YIKES. Honestly, I wish I applied to more nursing schools so that I could weigh out my options but unfortunately my program was apart of the partnership nursing program.
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    From what I have heard from working nurses is that Samuel Merritt is a great school. If you plan on staying in the Bay area after you graduate, it is a well respected program in this area and you will probably have better job opportunities!