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I haven't found a thread for this yet, so I figured I would start one! I am applying in August, after I have my grades from my summer courses. I was wondering what stats other applicants have as... Read More

  1. by   yedwards42
    Ha! And your welcome. I'm sure she knows there are a lot of anxious candidates wanting to know their result. I can imagine the files and paperwork on their side - but for sure, the wait is long. I hope we all receive some stellar news soon.
  2. by   sudhasaravan
    Hi lulu728,
    I have also applied for SMU's ABSN program for cohort summer 2013, but have not heard from them yet. It is great to know that you got admitted, but I think you have some other better option to reject this offer. I was wondering, how did you get the acceptance letter - via mail, email, or something else? It is so hard to wait like this anxiously:-)
  3. by   yedwards42
    Hi Sudhasaravan,

    I have a friend who has been accepted to SMU's SF ABSN cohort (April) start and she first received an "acceptance" call and then an e-mail detailing next steps to do prior to cohort start date. A few things that need to be done are: CPR class (Basic Life Support - Healthcare provided by American Heart Association), physical exam from your doctor saying you are healthy and suitable for the ABSN program, proof of immunizations and shot record, TB clearance and such.

    Did you apply to the San Mateo/SF cohort or Oakland? Best of luck to you!
  4. by   smiley616
    My friend who applied (1st choice) to the June cohort got an offer to be in the April cohort for San Mateo. Did anyone else get this??
  5. by   aluflow
    This is so great; I so remember what this was like this time last year! I'm in CaptainBW's class. Last year, I'm pretty sure they didn't look at applications until two or three weeks before they made their decisions and we started to hear back (in late February). When you're accepted you get a phone call, and if you're wait-listed you'll get an email (which also includes information about joining other cohorts if you'd rather not wait for Oakland). I was number #11 on the waiting list and I got a "you're in" call about two weeks after I got my "you're on the wait list" email. But CBW is right; you'll hear in the next two weeks or so.

    The point is not to call the office, because it doesn't help anything. It's indicative of our class as a whole that we barely left them alone last year, ha ha. But just be patient, and you'll know soon enough. It's a great school.
  6. by   yedwards42
    Hi aluflow, captainbuttwipe,

    A few more questions come to mind as we wait to hear our news from SMU for the ABSN program. In order to prepare for the start of the ABSN program, what do you recommend as far as reviewing our classwork materials... pharmacology, A/P or ? When you start the cohort, are you provided some review and/or an assessment test that we should prepare for? A friend of mine (who was in my SMU Pathophysiology class) said SMU faculty recommend the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book to have for school and to review. Do you reference this?

    Aluflow - what's your perspective on the ABSN program? Coursework, faculty, deadlines/preparation for tests, etc. Likes and dislikes?

    Many thanks for your advice and cheer for us!
  7. by   aluflow
    I think I meant to do that too, last summer, but I was taking prereqs into March! (long story). I'm not sure there's anything that could prepare you for the onslaught of work you get in the first few months. It's a very front-loaded program (these days we only have class three days a week - what a luxury). The only thing I could think of is to get a cheap NCLEX book now and start going through the med surge parts. It'll be absolutely foreign and you'll get everything wrong even through October, but it's the only thing I think is worth it. Maybe get really familiar with Diabetes and CHF, but even those you'll get enough on during the program, so... I would say know the basics of anatomy, and the most important drugs from pharm (morphine, ibuprofen, etc)... Also, during orientation SMU gives you a huge box full of ATI study books for NCLEX, so I wouldn't go overboard buying other NCLEX books or anything. But that's just me. Your first textbook is probably going to be Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Jarvis. If you were REALLY nervous you could buy that and start reading, but again - you really don't need to. Oh! You could practice memorizing lab values now. Like the most common ones...? Hct/Hg, Na, K, etc... I'm going to have to memorize those one of these days.

    The program's awesome, the clinicals are in great locations (I was at Kaiser Oakland all year and ps it's the best one), but the instructors are a mixed bag sometimes, and we've had a few classes that didn't go flawlessly (basically like any school). The whole point is that it's a year, so just put your head down and don't sweat the stuff that isn't what you thought it would be. The point is that you're in a great program, you're getting a great education and that SMU's ABSN program has a 92-96% pass rate for first-time takers of the NCLEX. And a great reputation! So basically, it's great. Good luck!
  8. by   aluflow
    Oh, and Saunders, yeah, that's a good one :-) I could name maybe four people in my class of 48 who have it already though. That's like three months from now! And after seven months of five-week terms, three months is basically forever.
  9. by   yedwards42
    Wow, thanks so much aluflow! Since you're nearly done with the program, are you getting leads on jobs (or good contacts networking) and do you think you will be prepared enough to take the NCLEX shortly after the program ends? It sounds like it's hard to prepare beforehand, and to just dig in as the program starts? Lastly, how is the parking at SMU Oakland? This site is the closest to me, however, I know they have limited parking around the school and then a garage. Do you have to get to the school super early?

    Thanks again and best of luck (and congrats) on nearly finishing the program. Whew, must be super exciting!!
  10. by   sudhasaravan
    Hi Yvette,
    Thanks for the heads up. I will look into taking CPR class and the physical exam. I have applied for the San Mateo cohort. Even that is an hour drive for me, and other locations are even farther. Moreover, I am working now to save some money for the tuition:-) To what cohort have you applied? Do you know any financial aids available? Should I start looking for financial aid after or before getting accepted into the cohort?
  11. by   BrandieRN2014
    Aluflow -

    Wow! All I can say is thank you for your detailed description of things to prepare us and to expect. We are all nervous nellies over here. It's just about halfway through February. Shouldn't be much longer!!

    I'm hoping for OAK cohort. And hoping to carpool with people. I live in Pleasant Hill. It would be nice to get in the carpool lanes.
  12. by   revesreves
    Hello everyone!

    I was accepted to the April/SF Cohort. Has anyone asked about SMU's financial aid or payment options? It is a pretty expensive program, so I am just wondering how everyone else is handling tuition and other fees?
  13. by   Kyle1105

    yes i did. i accepted the offer.