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I haven't found a thread for this yet, so I figured I would start one! I am applying in August, after I have my grades from my summer courses. I was wondering what stats other applicants have as well :) I still have to complete... Read More

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    Thanks markydarlin. NishaA-email and call them. Mines pretty quick on responding. I submitted my letter of intent at noon time, got my emails around 3pm. 😊

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    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far! Very exciting

    It seems like most of you have been accepted for the April cohort. Anyone heard about June San Mateo or Oakland cohorts yet? Waiting is killing me!
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    I am also waiting for June San Mateo Cohort, June 2013. It is so hard to wait.
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    Quote from yedwards42

    I applied to the Oakland ABSN (Summer) cohort. Once you receive your acceptance, you will receive "next step" instructions to enroll and complete your offer package. The Admissions office will provide some basic information about financial aid, and also during the first orientation financial aid information will be presented. From what I heard from another gal who was accepted, you have about a month/two to obtain financial aid and SMU does provide enough time/grace period even as the cohort begins.

    Good luck everyone!!
    Thanks yedwards, for the information about acceptance package. Good luck to you too.
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    I had called them last week. Final answers are expected between the end of February and the beginning of March for the San Mateo and Oakland campus. Another 15 days to go..
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    I'm dying here! First it's "4 months", then it's February. Now it's March! I just want to know already!!
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    No kidding! The waiting is so hard! I guess we should just think it of it as training in empathy for our future patients that have to wait days for difficult test results! I have been holding my breath every time I check my email and voicemail for days now...just in case they start making offers early.
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    Hi future Oakland ABSN cohort,

    I received an acceptance call last year at this exact time. I remember how excited I was.
    Just a heads up that the program is SO intense the first 7 months. My main words of advice are to stay flexible in all ways possible and don't make too many plans outside of class/clinical time.
    For those of you with kids...there are many of us with kids and yes, it is very doable.
    It is a great program.
    Good luck!
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    Hi emsaway,

    Thank you so much for posting - it's great to hear from current ABSN students!! Please tell us more of the do's and don'ts and what to expect... How is the parking at SMU Oakland and times you need to be there for class? What clinical sites are you at? Are the professors and tests fair? Out of all the professors so far, would you say most are good or how many duds?

    Thanks again for your advice and perspective. Congrats on being nearly done!
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    Anyone receive calls or updates for Oakland-ABSN? I'm hoping this week. I noticed SMU - FNP (Fall 2013) studets are starting to get updates and acceptances?! Saw their thread and updates here on allnurses. Geez...would be nice for us to hear something since our cohort starts in May.

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