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Hi everyone, I currently go to Mt. Sac at the moment and will finish all my ADN pre-requistes for Rio Hondo this summer. As for the selection criteria they use overall, I feel that my application will be highly competitive.... Read More

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    Just keep in mind guys, not to rain on anyone's parade, but Rio only offers courses once a year. If you happen to (I hope not) fail a class, you have to wat one full year before re-entering. That's the case I'm in now. If I would have known that (even though I wasn't planning on failing) I wouldn't have went with Rio.

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    I just gave up my spot in RH ADN generic program. GL to all alternatives for RH.
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    I'm in at RH I look forward to meeting everyone next week at orientation. I'm so nervous and sooooooo excited. My Clinicals are at Downey Regional where is everyone else at?
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    RonnieDita, what orientation is this?
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    Once You're clear of medical reqmts you get your registration codes and then they tell you to come to orientation. I think we even got an orientation email before all this was cleared. has anyone else gotten this email? Is anyone else done with all their requirements?
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    I just called and my status was changed from alternate to...NURSING STUDENT!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! IamsoexcitedthatIcanhardlythink! Congrats to all, I can't wait to meet Class of 2014 at orientation.
  7. 0 answer the question...i had a 3.66 in sciences, 3.30 overall, 64% on TEAS (which I took a year ago because I was gonna go to Concorde which had a very looooowww passing rate), BS in Health Admin, life experiences points...
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    RonnieDita, my clinicals are also at Downey Regional see you there, and to NurseJacqpott congrats and welcome...
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    see everyone at orientation!!!!!
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    I'm can't call asleep! So excited! What do we need to take?

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