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Rio Hondo ADN Nursing Program - page 4

Hi everyone, I currently go to Mt. Sac at the moment and will finish all my ADN pre-requistes for Rio Hondo this summer. As for the selection criteria they use overall, I feel that my application... Read More

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    I'm can't call asleep! So excited! What do we need to take?
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    did anyone apply spring 2013?
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    Yea I applied about 3 weeks ago. Still waiting on a response.
    Have you applied?
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    I applied too! When do they send out the acceptance letters?
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    I Called the office and they said they were not done with the applications. She said we should receive letters mid-november.

    have u applied anywhere else?
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    Oh ok thanks. My friend already recieved a letter saying she didn't qualify. That was 2 weeks ago. I also applied to pcc and got alternate. So I'm praying I get in either one!!!! Where else did you apply?
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    Hey ELOVE23, I also applied to PCC but I have not heard anything back from them. When did they notify you?
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    Wait so PCC already sent their emails out? I also applied, but I still haven't received anything from either PCC or Rio hondo.

    ElOVE23: should I give them a call?
    what were your STATS btw?
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    Hey guys!

    Well, its been close to a year now since my original post. I applied to only two schools Rio Hondo and PCC. I called in for Rio Hondo and found out that I have been placed in the alternate list. However, they won't tell me exactly where I stand. As for PCC, they are supposedly sending out decisions by this week but I have not heard from them yet. I really hope into a program….
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    getterrod: PCC send out emails October 17th. Both for alternates and those students accepted.

    George_Y: Yeah you should have recieved an email by now..Rio said they were sending out letters mid November???

    Hi Davidz0rs, so you already found out for RIO??? I will call tomorrow then. I was waiting on the letter to come in the mail!
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    Yeah they lady at Rio Hondo was kind enough to tell me I was in the alternate list. Are you sure that the emails sent out from PCC are for Generic ADN students and not LVN to RN or something?
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    Oh yeah sorry I applied to the lvn to rn program. So different dates I guess! Sorry for the confusion!
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    Davidz0rs: so has Rio Hondo sent out acceptance letters yet?