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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer... Read More

  1. by   atarkehin

    i'm applying for spring 2012 also! i got a 4.0 in anatomy, phys, micro and english.. but i havent taken my teas test yet! is it required before we get excepted? Hopefully we'll get in!!
  2. by   SoCalCrystal
    Quote from atarkehin

    i'm applying for spring 2012 also! i got a 4.0 in anatomy, phys, micro and english.. but i havent taken my teas test yet! is it required before we get excepted? Hopefully we'll get in!!
    If you havent taken it they will send you a letter saying that you need to if you have made all the other minimum qualifications. I am taking it next Friday, not excited at all.
  3. by   atarkehin
    have you studied at all for it? i'm taking it september 30 and i am def not excited either!
  4. by   amazinluv3
    jst wondering if their is a PCC fourth semester out there to help me survive third semester-what to look out for and such.....jst started career-ladder and already am overwhelmed> thnx
  5. by   peekabust
    hi atarkehin, Did you already receive a letter indicating you have to take the teas? Or has anyone else received any correspondence from the program?
  6. by   magnolia42
    Any acceptance letters yet for the LVN-RN program for Winter/Spring 2012???? I looked at previous posts of last year 2010 and I saw that two people got letters around this time...anyway let me know!!
  7. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    So for all of you lucky pcc nursinf's first semester going?
  8. by   atarkehin
    no i havent received anything on the teas from them, as far as i know, you take it once your admitted in! I called today and they said they will be going out mid to late november!
  9. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Yup! I think we should hear about Nov 15, around there I expect.
  10. by   atarkehin
    ahh i am so nervous! do they look at your overall GPA? or the classes that count toward the ADN do you know?
  11. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I hope they don't look at overall, my overall is only 3.15. I have As in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology. I have a B in English. I have no Ws or repeats.
    According to their brochure, they only look at the above 4 classes and look at any Ws/ repeats for anatomy, physiology, and microbiology.
    With that information, they do some scholastic eligibility retention done my the state to decide who gets in and who doesn't. Now what I am curious about is why it seems the grade for English is so important. If you read this whole thread a lot of people got denied, not even became alternates, but denied because their B was in English. Interestingly, if you look later in this thread you see people with mostly Bs in the science pre reqs become alternates or get accepted. That scares me because I would rather have some one with a good science background taking care of me then someone who did poorly in their sciences, (not that a B is poor, just not as good as an A). If you read through his thread you will know what I am talking about. If I get denied and I hear that someone got in with worst grades then I will have some words with their department. Anyway I just really hope that spring will be easier to get into than fall. For most nursing schools it is, and I pray its true for this school. I would at least like to be considered as an alternate if not at all possible. I worked very hard to get where I am now and I would just like to be given a fair chance at getting in just like everyone else, regardless of my grade in a stupid English 101 class.
  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    This was taken from the PCC's brochure itself. I dont really understand what they do...very vague....

    Here is the link I got in from:

    Students are chosen based on the results of a statewide retention study done by the California
    Community College Chancellor’s Office. In this process, students will be admitted to the
    program based on scholastic eligibility. Scholastic eligibility is determined by calculating a
    student’s probability of successfully completing the Associate Degree Nursing (A.D.N.) Program
    using the following criteria:
    Prerequisite Grade Point Average in English 1A, Microbiology 2, Physiology and
    Number of repetitions (including “W”s) in science prerequisite courses.
    Note: The math requirement of prealgebra must be met in order to qualify for selectio
  13. by   atarkehin
    yeah thats why i am freaking out! cause of the previous posts! a lot of them didn't get in! But i have all A's in those four classes BUT when i first started college i took anatomy and then dropped it with a W! so im a little scared about that! Especially because i was 18 when that happened! Now im 23 and im hoping that doesn't make a huge difference on whether or not i get accepted!

    thats seems ridiculous to not be accepted because of a B in english! I could have sworn it was more important to do well in the other pre reqs. But my overall GPA is around yours!

    AHHHH i just want to know already! what are your back up plans? im honestly thinking about west coast just so i can get on with the program! but the only thing with them is they take anyone, and i feel like all the hard work i put in before means nothing and someone who doesnt have any good grades can come in and get in!