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Nursing program at GoldenWest College

  1. 0 I am starting my pre-reqs this summer at GoldenWest College in Huntington Beach and I was wondering if anyone here has gone through their nursing program? If so, I am just wondering what it is like, and what I should be expecting once I enter the program.
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    congrats on starting your pre-reqs! i have not been thru the program, so i have no advice there. but this will at least give you a bump for someone else to see it!

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    Quote from topcat1234
    congrats on starting your pre-reqs! i have not been thru the program, so i have no advice there. but this will at least give you a bump for someone else to see it!

    thanks! i am so excited to be going back to school, i can't wait to start next month.:hatparty:
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    while doing your prereqs at golden west i recommend checking out other local nursing programs such as cerritos. mabey one school has a longer waiting list than another. or, once your ready for nursing school, youll have a choice of where to attend.
    anyhoo, just a thought. have fun with your prereqs!
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    Quote from lehua
    while doing your prereqs at golden west i recommend checking out other local nursing programs such as cerritos. mabey one school has a longer waiting list than another. or, once your ready for nursing school, youll have a choice of where to attend.
    anyhoo, just a thought. have fun with your prereqs!
    Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely look into that!
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    Which pre-reqs are you taking this summer?

    Good luck with your pre-reqs! I did some of my pre-reqs at GWC starting Spring 2009 and got accepted to the program for Fall 2010. The best advice I can give you: get all As! Sure, GWC does a lottery in the end, but there is also a formula they use to select and rank individuals. You can find the exact formula on the nursing website. Besides doing well with your GPA, I can also suggest getting involved with the student nursing association, though I don't have personal experience with this organization just yet (I almost did, but my schedule got so busy between work and school that I missed the meetings to get started) and you can also take Nursing 009 which is an Intro to Nursing class--it's really basic and not part of the program curriculum, but it's recommended for intended majors and you'll meet like-minded people (and competition!) and get some tips and advice, etc., and you learn medical terminology, study skills, may be a bit tedious actually because some of it is so basic or review, but if you are a "networking" kind of person or just want to be on top of your game in every possible way--then I recommend this class. Anatomy teachers at GWC are hit or miss, but the classes are usually so full that it's best to get into any class you can and just suck it up and do your best, as I did with a really horrible (but personally likeable) teacher. Physio--at this time there is one teacher for this class with different lab instructors, and he is good. Microbio--also hit or miss....though I had ---- and he was pretty straightforward and not super hard. I also took Pharmacology to get it out of the way (------ is good), and a Pathophys which is recommended but not required----good class to tie together anatomy and physio and micro---best to take it after you are done with the needed pre-reqs.

    As far as the program itself---it will take a bit of money to start up---so far I've spent $250 for a physical exam and immunizations (I don't have health insurance at the moment), $20 for malpractice insurance, $80 for a background check, $65 for a CPR class/certification, and I will spend about $350-$400 for uniforms and supplies, and probably $500-$600 at least for books, and I am hoping my tuition will be covered by financial aid! After you apply (October I think, that's when I applied, and now it's once a year), and you get accepted, you will be required to take the TEAS--you just have to pass with a certain score--it's pretty low, and then you are in!

    There is an orientation on July 29, so I can post more info after that.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any specific questions about GWC in general or the classes!
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    Hey Lillbren! I am accepted for the fall too, so I will see you on the 29th! I am confused on the financial aid though. when I clicked on the tab on the documents page, it took me to another page on the site and I could not figure out when and where to apply. Can you let me know what you did to apply? thanks!
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    Hi LeahFull,

    I just realized that I had replied to a post from 2004!!! Haha.....oooooops. But at least you came across my post so I don't feel like a complete moron!!

    Financial aid at GWC can be tricky because of the office's disorganization and lack of clarity (my experience anyway). For example, I already have a BA, so my financial aid has been limited to the BOG fee waiver (that's what I was alluding to when saying fin aid would hopefully cover my tuition) and loans. I haven't had a problem getting the BOG fee waiver every semester, and all I did was do my FAFSA on time and make sure GWC was one of the listed schools on my FAFSA---that's all--nothing else to fill out, do, etc. There used to be paperwork to fill out to get the BOG fee waiver, but now it's an automatic process given you qualify, based on your FAFSA. However, the loan was a completely different story since I had never applied for a loan before and because I have a BA---getting started was a real chore. I had to wait until October to turn in my application, and then I got denied and had to write a letter and appeal, only because I was "over the allowed attempted units," due to having a BA. After a LONG time waiting, I was approved (most BA holders are--it's just procedure to have to appeal) and got my loan money towards the end of the semester!!! Luckily, the next semester was easier because I was approved for the year. My understanding is that I have to go though the loan and appeal process all over again for this next Fall, but I am planning on stopping by the Fin Aid office and clarifying. As far as I know, they haven't started accepting loan applications yet for Fall.

    Go to the Fin Aid office and ask them the exact procedures for whatever kind of aid you are applying for. I would not rely on their website exclusively---it's not always clear. Go a couple times (or call) and talk to a couple different people if you have to, especially if you don't get clear-cut answers the first time around! I really had problems with a couple of the staff who misdirected me and delayed my loan, but this was a couple semesters ago, so hopefully it has improved.

    I noticed there is a link to apply for the BOG fee waiver online, but I have never had to do this or apply for it, and I have gotten the BOG fee waiver for the last three semesters!! The link isn't even working! I am not sure what's going on with their website.....I also had trouble logging onto their system to look at my fin aid profile, so I guess I need to fix that when I go in person or call over the phone.

    Sorry I couldn't be more detailed....but my advice is to start asking the fin aid office questions now pertaining to your indivudal circumstances, and you will most likely automatically get your tuition fees paid for if you qualify for the BOG fee waiver and have completed your FAFSA on time.

    Good luck.....and see you on orientation day!!! I'll let you know if I come across any specifics!
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    Hi LeahFull,

    I forgot to add that there are orientations for financial aid---I went to one last year, and it will go over the basics and the different types of aid---grants, loans, fee waiver, etcetera. The website should have dates listed, but it might be easier to just call and ask them when the next orientation is. There may be some forms for you to fill out at the fin aid office too for your file (can't remember the specifics) route is to call and ask them the procedure (especially if you are looking for grant money since the earlier the better for grants), and then most likely go to one of the orientations and stop by their office to get your file created.

    Hope that clarifies a bit!
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    Hey Guys!

    Im also in at GWC Fall 2010! Only one month left! I applied for financial aid for the first time and go tthe BOG fee waiver, no problem. Im still however waiting for my "award letter" that I will supposedly get mailed to me telling me if I will receive and type of grand money. My FAFSA was completed in May and its now July. Since May, the people at the GWC Financial Aid Office have been telling me to keep checking my mail, but nothing yet! Has anyone ever received a grant from GWC? If so, how long did it take ? Thanks!!
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    What is the exact meeting time and location (I'm guessing the Nursing building) for the Fall 2010 student orientation? Thanks,