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  1. 0 NHCM RN Residency application was was due in the last week of April
    Has any applicants had a call back yet?
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    I applied to Northridge too...but I have not heard anything yet.
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    When do you think they will start calling people for interviews. I don't want to call and bother them just because May isn't over yet. But then again i'm so eager to find out.
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    I'm not sure when...but according to the letter, they will start to call around mid-May, isn't it mid May already?
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    Location? There is more than one hospital with that name.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Location? There is more than one hospital with that name.
    Hi Caliotter,

    If I understood it correctly, it's the one in Roscoe Blvd. Los Angeles...Thank you!!!!
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    Northridge on Roscoe is correct, it is part of CHW (catholic healthcare west). Also Mid-May officially begins on the 15th , which makes it May 17th for working days. So I guess starting next week. Does anyone know how many people applied?
    They are targeting graduates from the past 6 mo. to a year with BSN. I graduate May 09 so I'm crossing my fingers I get it an interview.
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    They should be calling us this week or next...anyone got a call back yet>???????????????? im nervous
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    Still no call too. I'm afraid to call them b'coz I don't want to upset them...So maybe let's wait until the end of the week...

    I feel funny that from nursing school to applying to new grad programs, I learned to be very careful not to upset anyone if I want to be given a chance...I hope I learn to get over my nerves...Good luck to all!!!!
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    I also applied, but have not heard anything...
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    Just checking to see if anyone has received a call back yet?
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    Hello All,

    I called and left a message for the Nurse recruiter. To my surpise she returned my call and left a message in my voicemail. She said that the reason for the delay is because they went through their internal applicants first and will be looking at external applicants this week...She said to give them a couple of weeks. We will get either a call to schedule for an interview or a letter stating that we were not selected. She was nice and said that if I get a letter, it does not mean that I did anything wrong but only because they have too many applicants.

    I hope this info helps and that we all get a call instead of the letter... Good luck!

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    Oh wow, I wonder if a lot of internal applicants applied...

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