Northridge Hospital Medical Center

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    NHCM RN Residency application was was due in the last week of April
    Has any applicants had a call back yet?

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    I applied to Northridge too...but I have not heard anything yet.
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    When do you think they will start calling people for interviews. I don't want to call and bother them just because May isn't over yet. But then again i'm so eager to find out.
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    I'm not sure when...but according to the letter, they will start to call around mid-May, isn't it mid May already?
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    Location? There is more than one hospital with that name.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Location? There is more than one hospital with that name.
    Hi Caliotter,

    If I understood it correctly, it's the one in Roscoe Blvd. Los Angeles...Thank you!!!!
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    Northridge on Roscoe is correct, it is part of CHW (catholic healthcare west). Also Mid-May officially begins on the 15th , which makes it May 17th for working days. So I guess starting next week. Does anyone know how many people applied?
    They are targeting graduates from the past 6 mo. to a year with BSN. I graduate May 09 so I'm crossing my fingers I get it an interview.
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    They should be calling us this week or next...anyone got a call back yet>???????????????? im nervous
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    Still no call too. I'm afraid to call them b'coz I don't want to upset them...So maybe let's wait until the end of the week...

    I feel funny that from nursing school to applying to new grad programs, I learned to be very careful not to upset anyone if I want to be given a chance...I hope I learn to get over my nerves...Good luck to all!!!!
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    I also applied, but have not heard anything...

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