No wait list for lvn to rn programs in California

  1. 0 I am currently about to graduate my LVN program and I am now looking to do the LVN to RN bridge program but everywhere I look there is a wait list. Does anybody know of any schools in California without a wait list? Also I have two prerequisites classes to take and I need them done ASAP does anybody know any online schools that I could get them done fast? Thank you for your help!
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    What are those classes that you need?
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully some CA members will give you some helpful advice.
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    Have you checked out Riverside Community College? I think they require you to reapply for every semester you try for.
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    Cypress College has no wait list for their program.
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    I'm not sure where you are located but try looking at Loma Linda, West Coast University, Pacific College, and Unitek College. I'm pretty sure they don't have any wait lists.

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    Los Angeles Harbor College has LVN-RN Bridge program. Lottery system is used for those coming straight in via ADN, not sure about the LVN's though. I believe you take 2 prereq's, "Nursing Process & Practice" (321) and "Communication in Nursing" (311). I guess then if your application is up to par you will be invited to take the ATI and see if you rate in as a 2nd or 3rd semester student. We have like 10 lvn's in my 3rd semester class of roughly 40 atm. Check out the web page below if you want to find out more. Good luck!
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    did you graduate from cypress?? i'm a lvn applying this year for their bridge program
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    what scares me is about the tests lvns have to take (proficiency test (2) and skills test (1)) and teas exam, and the nursing transitions class

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    Quote from bicke100
    Cypress College has no wait list for their program.
    i have a A in physio, c in anatomy and currently finishing my micro right now.

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