New Grad - CA - dejected and no jobs? New Grad - CA - dejected and no jobs? | allnurses

New Grad - CA - dejected and no jobs?

  1. 0 Anyone else feeling dejected in CA?

    No one in So. Cal wants New Grads.
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    Search the forum for California nursing....they have a support thread over there.

    Best wishes!
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    May I ask where you graduated from sandangle2001?
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    thread moved for best response
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    I have been looking for over a month now, put out around 25+ apps and not even a phone call. It's very discouraging.
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    I searched for around 9 months with no luck. Finally looked out of state and got an ER job in Texas. I'm hoping I can find a job in San Diego once I get my experience. If it's possible consider moving to gain experience.
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    NorCal is the same way. Many of my classmates are having to move out-of-state to find work. At least SoCal has more new grad programs. There aren't any in NorCal.

    @Jenbean87, many of us have put out hundreds. I put out about 200, and got two phone calls, only one of which was at all promising. The job I have lined up I got because a nurse manager liked my performance in clinicals, and I spoke up. I have an interview for the job that called me as well. I also have a lot of other medical experience, but of course, none of it is RN experience, which is what actually counts.
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    I have spent hours looking for jobs within a 100 mile radius and there isn't hundreds to apply for. I've tried prisons, LTC facilities, hospitals, you name it. I redid my resume but it doesn't look like it's helping much. We moved to FL so I could go to school and moved back to CA to be closer to family. I had no idea it was this rough! I wasn't able to network since I didn't go to school here so I think that has also added to the difficulty.
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    Look at farther, 1k mile radius. Out of state. Otherwise you're staying in Florida, to be blunt. It's hard getting into a nursing program, but it's even harder getting a job California.
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