LVN moving to California (L.A.) - Advice needed!

  1. Hello fellow nurses :-)I am a new graduate in NY from an accredited LPN/VN program, and I will be relocating to L.A. in mid Fall, after a few months of Dialysis nursing experience (accepting a job). I have two questions really:1). I am looking to do LVN to RN probably starting in Spring 2013 - where should I look to do this if I am living in the Sunset + Vine area of LA? I've heard a lot about Hybrid programs that do a lot online -- I am looking for ADN for now..2). As an LVN, what is the best place to work in LA in terms of maximizing income? My overall goal is to work in cosmetic dermatology or plastic surgery..though I will work next to anywhere as a new nurse to gain experience and $. Any advice from you Cali people would be great! Thanks in advance!- Joey
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Some people are going to disagree with me or admonish me for being so 'negative,' so feel free to do so.

    Save yourself and please DO NOT come to southern California as a new grad LVN. The LA area is overly saturated with too many unemployed LVNs and not enough work to go around for everyone who wants to work. Since the area is glutted with many unemployed nurses, the pay rates have actually dropped over the past four years, with some new LVNs earning in the $14 to $19 hourly range.

    The nursing job market is terrible here. Even some very experienced LVNs and RNs are encountering extreme difficulty finding work, and many earn less than they once did.

    In addition, bridging to the RN program is as hard as heck in the state of CA.
  4. by   wish_me_luck
    The OP said they have a job lined up in dialysis. Sorry, just had to comment on that. I am not help, OP, I live on the east coast.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    They have a dialysis job lined up in New York, and it would be best if they stay put for a couple of years to gain experience. Relocating with only a couple of months of experience is not really going to help their chances at finding a job in the Los Angeles area.
  6. by   BeachBlueRN
    i agree with the commutter. i think that you should at least get 6 months to a year experience first.
  7. by   joeyyzoom
    Thnk you for the feedback..but moving is not really an option. So, rather than tell me all the negataive, give me Something!wheree is best to look - clinics, kaiser, ltc, hh/agencyAnd why is RN bridging difficult/
  8. by   nursel56
    Another factor is that people seeking to take the NCLEX-RN from foreign countries are being denied based on CA BON rules that were on the books but apparently not enforced, since the LVN and RN boards are separate the LVN board is getting inundated with people who are using the bvnpt to get their foot in the door.

    You can apply anywhere you want to, though. You'll probably have the best luck in private duty nursing and LTC, or adult daycare centers.

    I'm not really understanding why the LVN-RN bridge would be difficult, though. There are so many of them and many are online. The California Board of Registered Nursing has a list of those that are approved. I would not choose one that isn't. For example, Excelsior College.
  9. by   joeyyzoom
    Nursel56,Thank you for the more positive feedback - however, I am not from a foreign country, I am from New York.I am doing licensure by endorsement - or, do you think it better I take the NCLEX in Cali/? Sorry for typos btw keybord is malfunctioning.I also heard cosmetic and dermatology pratices seek LVNs due to cost....
  10. by   nursel56
    I know you aren't from a foreign country. It's just another reason why the job market for LVNs is so so dismal these days, and why contacting the board governing LVNs is a *****, although it was never all that great to begin with.

    Here's the website you need to find all about how to endorse for California.

    Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians

    . . .and to find out how to bridge to RN . . .

    Board of Registered Nursing

    California has traditionally been a place with higher than average pay, but as with all things the demand for jobs has had a downward pull on wages. I made $18.00/hr in private duty in 2004. It has pretty much stagnated since then.

    You may be hired at an acute care hospital, as I was very close to being hired at the USC/Norris Cancer Hospital in 2005. The stickler was that my acute care experience wasn't recent enough for the supervisor there. It's that your odds aren't on your side there.

    I would strongly suggest you get at least your BLS, get IV certified as well. You can find lots of IV cert classes online as well. Good luck!
  11. by   squirrel12
    Your best bet may be to look into a home health agency (ie, Maxim), assuming you have had your license for a year they hired my friend in Orange County at $17/hr.

    As far as RN programs, they are all impacted out here in socal. Many programs have a few hundred applicants for 40-75 spots for the 2 year RN, and maybe 25 spots for LVN to RN which come down to a lottery or point system. You have to have all your pre-reqs done, a good gpa, volunteer and/or work experience, and a little luck.

    I was licensed in early 2011 as a lvn (with no interested employers), I am doing caregiving right now (and will be contacting Maxim soon). But I start the 2 year RN program at Saddleback in the fall. You could look into Los Angeles City College?!

    Sorry for the disjointed message.

    Good luck Joey, it is tough but it should be worth it in the end!
  12. by   Tinkerbell04
    Gentiva will hire LVNs and RNs with at least one year of experience. You will have to contact them. They do not hire new grads.
  13. by   joeyyzoom
    Thank you all! I actually am in contact with the Nurse Recruiting MANAGER at UCLA who told me as soon as I havve my CA license, apply as they will take New grads or 6 month experience for Sr LVN .. fingers and gurtles crossed.I will probably also apply to every nearby Ltc, dialysis center and MedSpa.
  14. by   futurenurse310
    I've been an LVN since 2010 here in LA. Job outlook is absolutely horrible. Only jobs I've been able to get were caregiver jobs for 11- 12 an hour. Sad stuff