Los Angeles County Fire Card?

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    Does anyone know what this fire card is? I am noticing a lot of job postings that state "fire card" issued by LA county fire dept as a requirement along with other standards like CPR card etc. I can't seem find out what this elusive fire card is!

    Also, has anyone been CERT certified by the local fire department? I just signed up and I was wondering if anyone else has been through this training? Does this look good on a resume and/or college application? (that's not why I signed up, trying to be a good samaritan!)

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    I've been told that the fire card training is provided by your employer. I wondered about this myself as I have not been able to find the training anywhere. Don't know about the certification by the fire dept. I suspect that you obtain the elusive fire card as a result.
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    OK, so maybe the "CERT" training and the "fire card" are all the same? I am thinking maybe I should call the fire department and ask, but I just don't want to sound stupid! I guess once I go through the CERT training, I can ask the question there since it's taught by LA County Fire Dept. and then post here in the forum. My first training day is one month from now....
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    In school we had to get " Hospital Fire and Life Safety" card for the health care worker.A retired fire chief came in and taught the 1 day class. And we were issued cards just like the CPR/BLS. Mine is good for 4 yrs.
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    Okay, I will look into that! The plot thickens
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    I just talked to someone who had to have one in the past and they also said it was something that their employer offered. I guess I won't worry about it until/if it becomes a requirement in my job search.

    Thanks everyone!
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    i have the same problem...i was told i need the card for agency work and i cannot find it anywhere. Tack 131..did you find anything out from the fire marshalls when you took that CERT class. I am sure this is more than what is required for the Hospital Fire & Life Safety card???

    Anybody....please help...i have called the fire station where they offer the CERT and the guy told me that he does not know anything about this course or card and wanted me to call him back when found out...because others has called also.

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    A fire card is obtained after successful completion of a safety/fire class. The instructor is usually a retired firefighter certified by the county or city to teach the class. The class is about 6-8hrs and completed in one day. Most if not all hospital employers offer the training and certification to their nurses and employees. As of December 2009, fire cards in Los Angeles are valid for 4 years.

    Anyone wishing to update their fire card can go through their employer's educational resources. Student nurses are also required to obtain and keep their fire cards current to work in the hospital. Your school's nursing department should have information about how and where to obtain the fire safety training.

    I dialed 311 from my phone and spoke to the fire department's dispatch office and was transferred about four times before I was given numbers to available instructors in the Los Angeles area. I contacted one of them who told me that they were teaching a class at a local hospital. Not all hospitals allow individuals that are not employed by them to take the class, but I got lucky with my local hospital. This is worth giving a try if you're trying to find a class that's convenient your schedule and/or shopping around for the best price. Unfortunately, all hospitals reserve the right to charge those not employed by them any amount to take the class. The instructors have no say as to what the hospital charges individuals.

    Hope this helps.

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    Current as of June 10, 2011

    Re: Fire Safety Card (City of Los Angeles)

    These cards are obtained by instructors (typically retired firefighters) certified by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). You can obtain a list of certified instructors who can issue the Los Angeles City Fire Safety Card (sometimes also called the "Fire Life Safety Card") which are valid for 4 years. These cards are sometimes required for nurses, certified nursing assistants, EMTs, etc. You can obtain the most recent list by calling 213-978-3730. After speaking with some instructors, if you can get 6 or more persons together, you can obtain a discount and have some flexibility on where and when to meet.

    Heads up: Presently, there are NO authorized online providers of this card, so beware of online companies purporting to offer these cards. The 3M, Canadian, and Florida online courses for fire safety are NOT the same as the LA City Fire Safety Card.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for doing the work and sharing with the rest of us. Does anyone know about any last minute up and coming fire classes? I have until the end of december...

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