Loma Linda Pediatric Residency August 2012

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    I have been checking LLUMC website every day and they have finally posted the application period dates for the residency in August. http://lomalindahealth.org/childrens-hospital/for-health-professionals/residency/nursing/about-us/news-and-events/index.page?

    am curious who is applying, what residency etc.

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    I applied to this Pediatric residency yesterday, I was wondering if there are others who applied too.

    Can we apply more than once and to different units?
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    I applied too for the CVICU. I think we can only apply to the Residency program with were we would like to work then they take it from there. Best of luck to us!
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    I applied, as well. No change yet.
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    I applied to Hematology/Oncology unit.

    Should I follow up with a phone call since it has been almost two weeks, or should I wait for them to contact me?
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    Does any one know how many people they usually hire?
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    Has anyone heard anything from them? They are the last hospital I'm waiting to hear anything from down in the LA area, then I'll start the next round of aps back up here in the Bay Area... :icon_roll - <sigh>
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    Any news anyone!?? All of this waiting is so very overwhelming !!
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    Did they say they would be contacting in June?
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    The person who told me contacted them and they told her about making decisions in June. Did anyone on here call them or heard from them?

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