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Has anyone applied to or had an interview with LCOM for the upcoming cohort? It seems weird that I can't seem to find anything about their interview process on here except from like 2006.... Read More

  1. by   silvermermaidRN
    Thanks for the update BlueMoon, too bad we have to wait ... I tend to be slightly impatient
  2. by   SimplisticRnx
    Thank you so much for the updates. I've been waiting by my phone all day. This wait is killing me
  3. by   SimplisticRnx
    Anyone heard anything yet?
  4. by   kaylee.rn
    Hi, I am waiting for a phone call after interviewing for the med-surg/tele position. I was told to sit tight until early this week (this was last Fri) and its now Wednesday, so just wondering if anyone has gotten a call one way or another...
  5. by   silvermermaidRN
    I dont think anyone has heard back from med/surg tele interviews. On the fb new grad forum someone posted that they talked to the recruiter and that he would call people by friday since he would be out on wednesday (today) now that we have heard by last thurs, fri, then this mon tues and most recently this friday...I am beginning to think they dont even know when they will call people But I am waiting...and waiting.....hopefully since we have so many anxious applicants, as soon as someone hears something, we will all know!
  6. by   jennyr2617
    I got the job for the ED as well
  7. by   jennyr2617
    Quote from yukikon
    did anybody get a job offer for the ED??? would love to meet/talk to some of my future coworkers...
    I got the job offer for the ED as well
  8. by   californiarnbsn
    Thanks BlueMOON for your advice. It definitely helped calm my nerves for my interview. I think i came pretty well prepared. Now its just a waiting game to see if I got the job.
  9. by   californiarnbsn
    Got a job offer in ICU!!! so excited!
  10. by   silvermermaidRN
    congrats!!! what did they say about when u start?
  11. by   californiarnbsn
    Sept 10th :]
  12. by   socalbsn
    when did you hear the good news? I interviewed as well for the ICU...but haven't heard anything yet
  13. by   yukikon
    Quote from jennyr2617

    I got the job offer for the ED as well
    Yay!!!! Congrats! Excited to meet you and everyone else!