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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new grad RN. Have you been in my... Read More

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    Yes, I am in the SAME situation, and it is very frustrating. I had my civil service interview in the beginning of Februrary, and I have yet to receive my results. They said 6-8 weeks, and it has been well beyond that. The other day I received the letter stating that I had to reapply online, but that if I had my interview and passed in the last 24 months, I would not have to re-interview. I went ahead and reapplied, but are they forgetting about letting me know about the interview results from February?? I called the number they left @ the bottom of the letter, but it either goes to voicemail (I have left 2), or doesn't pick up at all. I have also sent 2 emails inquiring about my interview results or at least my status in the process. What the heck is going on????

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    Congrats everyone who has received a job offer!! I finally got called to interview this week for PICU. It's been over 10yrs since I've interviewed so I get extreamly nervous & sometimes freeze so wondering if anyone who has interviewed for PICU could give me heads up as to what type of questions they'll be asking?? I would greatly appreciate it!!
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    Sorry I don't have any interview tips. Thay haven't contacted me yet.
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    Thanks! They actually changed my interview for next week, so I have some time go back & review some Peds stuff. Well good luck to you & you might want to contact them.
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    Thanks. I will do that.
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    Hi guys, I got a call to come in for interview this week for med/surg position.

    I didn't receive the 'pass/fail' letter but received the letter that I need to reapply.

    I'm already nervous for this the second interview going to be like same as the first one?
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    I finally got my eligibility letter about a week and a half ago (results from January) and ... just my luck, not one of the hospitals is hiring. I hope an opportunity presents itself soon.
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    Wow you got a letter. I am glad for you. Even though there is no opening.

    I contacted my interviewer and was told to reapply.
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    Hi guys I just got my letter for to schedule for my civil exam for a registered nurse I position. I'm I'm a delimma because I've already accepted a job offer from another hospital but I also want to work for LA County. My question is for those of you who got hired, how long did the whole process take and what is the starting pay rate for this position? And also, do you get to choose which unit an which schedule whether part time or full time you'd like to work for?
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    Hi CoCStudentNurse,

    Can you tell me what day you had your January interview? I'm wondering because I had my RN I exam interview February would at least give me a bit of an idea as to when I'll be receiving my eligibility letter. I'm getting tired of stalking my mailbox and being let down every time I check it .

    Thanks so much, and good luck! I'm sure positions will be opening soon. It's such a large hospital....they have to keep it staffed somehow!

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