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Hi Everyone, I was wanting to start a cohort for RCC Fall 2013 applicants. I just submitted my application and am studying for the teas V. Anyone else apply or am I the only one crazy enough to be worrying about it already?... Read More

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    good luck!
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    Hey everyone!

    I also submitted my application for Fall 2013... I'm so nervous... I thought the "waiting game" wasn't going to be so bad, but geez! March is barely almost over and we still have practically 3 more months to wait! I believe I have 75 pts...I got an 85% on my TEAS though. I have a friend who applied for fall 2012 and had 70 or 75 pts (I can't remember) and got in as a standby the week before the semester started...so I guess there is always hope I don't know what I'll do if I wait till the end of June and find out I'm on standby and have to wait another two months to know my fate... I think I'll lock myself in a padded room if that happens XD I hope more people get on here bc I feel so alone in my agony lol are there any more worry-warts out there??

    Good luck to you all
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    Anyone got an email to take the teas test at Rcc yet?
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    Quote from keneesir
    Anyone got an email to take the teas test at Rcc yet?
    I thought it was a letter?
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    Not yet. I've been checking my email several times a day since the 15th...you?
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    Just received the email for TEAS invite today. Yay!
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    Quote from stwbrypocky
    Just received the email for TEAS invite today. Yay!
    Congrats! I got an email also but it wasnt an invitation to take the teas..it was an email letting me know i wasnt invited to take the teas because my gpa wasnt high enough so i need to take it somewhere else and submit the scores by may 17th...its ok though i still have hope...good luck everyone! and congrats to those who got an invite
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    Omg I haven't received anything. I got a receipt for application, but that was it. So worried, I'm calling Monday.
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    ...is it bad that I didn't get an invite? I already took mine and they should have my score. Should I not be getting any kind of emal from them until my acceptance or rejection letter? This waiting sure does stink lol. Maybe I should call Monday... Ugh I'm going crazy lol I just want to knowwww

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