I need some input on nursing schools in Southern Cali

  1. Hi everyone! Listen I am currently a student at Chaffey College. I am almost done with all of my pre-reqs and can apply to my schools nursing program in the Spring of 2012. Currently I have heard that there are around 200 applicants per 40 open slots which obviously makes getting into the program difficult at best. My question to all who live in this or around this area is "What other schools (not private) offer nursing programs that do not have such a difficult time getting into????" Any help you guys can give me would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanx
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  3. by   all4ofus
    I am not in CA, but just wanted to suggest you try searching and posting under your region also and you might possibly get more responses. Go to http://allnurses.com/ca-nursing-programs/. Good luck!!
  4. by   Mike R
    I don't know about any college in your area, but all the colleges in Orange County have at least a 2-3+ year wait list if you were thinking of heading this way. Santa Ana College finally closed their list after it peaked 1200 last year. But this is pretty typical of the area. Your options are mostly either waiting, paying for a private college or moving out of southern California.
  5. by   mjgarcia
    Thanks guys! Yeah Mike I really wish that I could move out of California these days. Besides the beautiful weather i'm trying to figure out what else I love so much about this place.
  6. by   LexiG
    Not sure how far you are willing to travel but have you checked Cerritos and Cypress college's? Also Moorpark, Ventura and College of the Canyons. All are CC's with RN programs. Ventura has at most a semester wait period.
  7. by   weluv3
    Really, Ventura only has about a semester wait right now??
  8. by   BrandonSoCal
    Riverside Community College doesn't have a wait list. It's all based on points so if you have good grades you're in good shape!
  9. by   LexiG
    Quote from carshell
    Really, Ventura only has about a semester wait right now??
    Yes, I went to their orientation last week. They offer them on a weekly basis, I would suggest calling and putting your name on the list to attend one. They said they technicaly have no waiting list. The counselor giving the presentation said they had to call over 160 people last semester to fill their class. At MOST you would probably wait a semester and that's if they wind up completely inundated with applicants in the next month. They extended their filling deadline, I believe it is the end of March or May?? I don't remember exactly because I am still working on my prereq's.

    The only catch is your prereqs must be completed, not in progress, and you must be a licensed CNA. You can take CNA classes through some adult eds, CC's and private institutions. The prereqs are Anatomy, Chemistry, MicroBiology, Physiology (must be taken seperately from Anatomy, not a combined course), Intermediate Algebra and Psych 5 or a specific Health Class. Psych 5 here is like human development
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  10. by   guavaturtle
    Good grades and some exp are your best bets. I heard that cypress will not take apps this year so they can thin out their loooong wait list.
  11. by   Apgar10
    Quote from LexiG
    Not sure how far you are willing to travel but have you checked Cerritos and Cypress college's?
    FWIW, Cerritos is a lottery school and accepts applications once a year in March.
  12. by   tnbutterfly
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  13. by   Thirdwatch
    The waiting at Ventura College is not long at all. They have probably the best nursing instructors in the nation.
  14. by   Faeriewand
    San Diego County Community Colleges no longer have the wait list. They go by points now so if you get good grades then you get in.