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I wanted to post to this board specifically, because I'd like feedback from nurses that are in the field already. Members on the students board will have a bias opinion about their school too. Please respond if you have ANY... Read More

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    Quote from savvy77
    knottygirl....don't get discouraged. Keep in mind that there is an assumption that getting employed as an LVN means "getting employed as an LVN in the acute care setting."

    Just so you know, there are many, many, many unfilled LVN positions in sub-acute, long-term, hospice care settings. Not to mention, staffing agencies are desperately seeking LVNs to fill in for home-health and caregiver positions. There are tons of jobs for LVNs, but you have to know the professional channels and right people in order to receive the right information and to make an informed decision. Call an LVN school and ask to speak to their placement department about all the unfilled LVN positions. Keep in mind, it is the well prepared and "professional" LVN that gets the interview. And that starts by talking to the "right" professional people. Avoid negative people who are just trying to discourage you.

    I'll probably read this post over and over for the next two years...thanks!

    At my tech school, there is no RN program, but for whatever reason they offer two anatomy's (maybe it's for surgical tech or something not sure). They have a 1000 level anatomy for the lpn, and then some mysterious 2000 level anatomy as well as a 2000 level microbiology. Really not sure why they're offering them, but two different anatomy's are offered. Also, they're BOTH 5 credit classes...interesting indeed.
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    Interesting discussion.

    CA BVNPT board requires all LVN programs to have a curriculum that contains Anatomy and Physiology in it. However, BVNPT doesn't specify the minimum number of hours that the program must provide to their LVN students.
    (Code of Regulations. Article 5. Schools of Vocational nursing. Section 2532)
    In general, I have seen programs providing anywhere from 50 to 90 clock hours for their LVN students. Which approximately would be equivalent to 5-9 quarter units or 3-6 semester units. Also, from what I have seen LVN programs tend to provide both Anatomy and Physiology as one course.

    RN programs on another hand much have their students to complete Basic Sciences (which use are required as prerequisites or maybe offered within an RN program), that include Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Societal/Cultural Pattern and Psychology, etc. (Title 16 of RN regulations, Article 3). For some reasons all RN programs that I have seen require Anatomy with Lab and Microbiology with Lab (A minimum 4 or usually 5 units would be required). I couldn't find specific hours or units requirements within RN regulations. Anyway, completion or 3 semester units anatomy course (within LVN program) doesn't equal to completion of Anatomy course with Lab which is 4 or 5 semester units. So that's pretty much the reason why majority of LVN graduates have to retake Anatomy course again to satisfy admission requirements to RN program.

    I agree with Caliotter3 that all RN programs have different entrance requirements, but those requirements are pretty much consistent with RN Board's requirements.

    If the college offers only LVN program (and doesn't offer RN), the chances that Anatomy and Physiology course that was provided as part of LVN program would satisfy prerequisites to get into RN program are very low. However, if there's an LVN program out there that offers Physiology and Anatomy as separate courses and Anatomy would have a lab component in it and the program has regional or national accreditation, I do not see why RN program can't accept thaat Anatomy and Physiology course...

    Also, if someone completed an Anatomy Course with Lab which = to let's say 5 semester units prior to enrolling to LVN program; they can get into LVN program and Anatomy course will be credit granted to them. Once they complete LVN they can go to RN program and Anatomy with Lab can be credit granted too. So this way students only end up taking Anatomy 1 time.
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    I went to Gurnick and finished in Dec 08. The vast majority of my classmates are still not working as LVNs. I had to move out of state to find a job.
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    I decided not to inquire further at Gurnick here in Modesto. Just too "iff-y". Couldn't get any straight answers out of them. By the time I finished their LVN program, I could have been in CSU Stanislaus already.

    Thanks for the feedback. :-)
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    Either caliotter or savvy stated that there plenty of unfilled lvn postions out here in CA. This is true, but none of them seem to be willing to hire a new grad such as myself. I will work in any setting, I just want a job. All my clinical experience is in SNF/LTCs - so I'm fine with nursing homes, hospices, etc. Problem is, employers are now saying that clinical experience does not count as "real work" experience. Boo! So what should I do?
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    If you want to finish in four years to complete your BSN program, then I would suggest completing your LVN as a bridge to get into BSN. For example, University of Pheonix offer RN or LVN to BSN program. Gurnick school is fully accredited, so there should be no worry. However, if you want to attent community colleges or the uc or state universities, the cost is no longer cheap. Because of all the budget cuts, classes are hard to get. They don't guarantee completion in four years, instead a four year degree will end up to six years. They just increased their tuition by 8%. If you end up staying in the dorm...a six year stay will cost you over $150,000 (dorm and tuition) this figure does not include the 8%markup. Studying in a private school seems a lot but if you figure it out you end up paying less. Just make sure it is accredited by the state board. Good Luck.
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    I went to Gurnick for my LVN and I am in the process of starting my prerq's for RN. You will have to take them if you don't already have them done. A lot of people in my class were taking classes at Fresno City while in the program. If you start while in LVN school then you will be done by the time you graduate. I wish I had, it would have saved a lot of time.
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    Bratty Kell,

    Do you mind me asking you where you are going for your pre-reqs for your RN now? And where will you going for your RN? Thanks a bunch!
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    Please pardon my ignorance but what is ROP?

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