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  1. BrattyKell

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    No, from what I understand you either need to give it a little more time or it wouldn't take you to the cc screen. It would give you an error telling you to call the board. So either you need more time, or you didn't pass. I'm sorry. I know both of those answers suck.
  2. BrattyKell

    I need to know... Do Gurnick LVN get hired easily?

    I went to Gurnick for my LVN and I am in the process of starting my prerq's for RN. You will have to take them if you don't already have them done. A lot of people in my class were taking classes at Fresno City while in the program. If you start while in LVN school then you will be done by the time you graduate. I wish I had, it would have saved a lot of time.
  3. BrattyKell

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    Hello :) I am in California and I took my NCLEX-PN on 6/8 at 2pm .... It shut off after question 85 and I freaked out. But I came home and the following day, with the push of a classmate I did the PVT and I got the good pop-up. Within 11 days I got my 'official' letter from the state stating that I had passed. YAY!!! :yeah::yeah: BTW my classmate took his test on 6/10 at 8am and he had 205 questions and I did the PVT and got the good pop-up and he got his 'official' letter on Monday that he passed. So the PVT does work in Cali :redpinkhe :redpinkhe:cool: Congrats to everyone!! :nurse:
  4. BrattyKell

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    I was living in Las Vegas, living alone in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo ... and did I mention single? So moving to Fresno, Cali with my parents is like a fish out of water. Now adding school on top of it all, is just kinda the icing on the crazy cake. lol But as my friends in Vegas keep reminding me and I am sure your friends and family are as well ... it is only two years ... I can do this!! It looks like the more I get certified in along with the LPN license will greatly help my chances at getting a job later. I've been reading over the other threads and it looks like there is a lot I can do while I am in school. BTW my name is Kelley ... thanks for all of your input!!
  5. BrattyKell

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    Thank you for your reply. Reading the threads in here had me questioning whether I made the right decision to go to Gurnick for my LVN. You made me feel a lot better. I bit the bullet and moved back home with my parents to go to school and not work. Living at home at 32 is hard to swallow and a little embarrassing but I think in two years from now it will be a decision that I won't regret. :) Did you buy any books outside of class that has helped you? I was told to buy Medical Terminology for Dummies ... Amazon has it for almost half the price as the book stores do but there is no reviews on it so I wasn't sure.
  6. BrattyKell

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    I just started at the Fresno campus. I started 2 weeks late so I'm playing catch up and was given two weeks to catch up with the rest of the class. The class has about 35 people. So far you are right the teacher is just reading off a slide, but I heard that she really does prepare you for the tests you take in class. But our campus is pretty new so I think they are still getting settled. Our first graduating class I think is finishing up in June or they just finished. I am a little worried about getting LVN work. After reading the threads on here it seems as though most places except LTC are not hiring LVN's and only hiring RN's. I really hope that is not the case because I wasn't planing on doing a bridge to be an RN for 5 or so years. Anyhow, good luck everyone!!