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Hey california nurses, I know its rough out there but after I graduate from my midwestern school, I'm moving to california. I'd like to know how competitive I am for residencies/new grad positions. I graduate in April. My specs:... Read More

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    I agree with the others if you can get a year experience under your belt before coming to california and any other experience or volunteer work you can tack on to your resume too before you come out to california would be best but that still may not be enough. When you do come to California, you should have savings to live off of for several months (and a back up plan for $$$ to live off of), just in case you don't land something for a long period of time. California has a really tough nursing job market right of the worst in the US.

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    I have found that GPA has no bearing. No one even asks for your transcript. Externships have had no effect on my getting hired. I have 2 degrees, an externship, "life experience" (I'm in my 30s), and I've only had 3 interviews in 7 months. I have applied to well over 100 job postings. One of those turned into an 8 week temporary position. I'm in the Central Valley and it is awful here to. Do not move to Cali until you have 1+ year experience. You will not find work. It is sad but true. There are PLENTY of jobs for experienced nurses.

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