Holy Names University LVN to BSN?! New program

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the new LVN to BSN program at Holy Names Univeristy. I think they just started it last year and I am applying this fall.


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    I would like to know as well. Is that an online program?
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    Here is some information about the program. More information is available through their website.
    The program does not appear to be online. It is 7 semesters long and can be completed in 2.5 years (fall, spring, summer). It is accredited by the CCNE. Prerequistes are accepted from other community colleges.
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    Moved to California Programs Discussion to elicit more responses.
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    Hi! I'm currently in this program, just started in May for summer. There are two more weeks left until the semester ends, then Fall starts. The program started in Fall 2010, so I am in the 3rd cohort. What would you like to know about the program? PS. I'm also 7 months pregnant with a 2.5 yr. old daughter and not working anymore since I started the program. Only about 2 other people in my class are not working but the rest have jobs and others have families like I do.
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    Thanks for the reply!! How do you like the program? I have applied again for this fall and I am waiting to hear back. What are the hours? How is the staff? ...any information that you have about the program would be nice seeing your have been in it awhile. Also, congrats on being in a nursing program with a little one and being pregnant!!
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    Hello all! i am interested in this program as well! Please post more info about the LVN-BSN Program here related to scheduling, staffing, tuition, likes/dislikes etc. It would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Hello everyone! I applied to this program for the Spring 2012 and I have an admissions interview this coming monday. Anyone have any tips or comments about what to expect since this will be my first time ever interviewing for school. or just any comments in general to expect since its so hard to find anyone who is attending or has attended this program for this school. any information would be a big help. thanks
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    I also have an admissions interview coming up this Thursday for HNUs LVN-BSN program. Don't know what to expects since I have never done an admissions interview. If anyone has any pointers that would be awesome and much appreciated!
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    I was wondering how your interview went? I was thinking of applying here as well. Any tips you can give me?
    Thank You

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