Cypress college RN program

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    Hi just wanted to see if anyone has applied to the RN program at cypress. Maybe we can talk with each other as we sit and wait for a decision. I just applied Sept 1st and am turning in docs tomorrow. We gotta stick together ladies!

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    I turned in my docs today and the nice lady at the office said they would be contacting everyone at the end of November. Thats a really long wait but well worth it. If we dont hear from them by December 1st we can email the health science dept.
    good luck to you all
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    i applied and turned in my docs on sept 1st...cant wait to hear from them >_<
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    Quote from Gizelle Jacques
    We gotta stick together ladies!
    Wow. Where do I start.
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    Ok we gotta stick together everybody sorry CaGuy that was totally an accident oops cmai8 it's like holding my breath till then uugh good luck. Keep in touch here cause as we get closer the nail bitting may get the best of us
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    I also applied and turned in my documents. Hopefully the weeks will go by fast and we'll know something soon!
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    sigh i wish we didnt have to wait..
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    lucky #3 i hope they let us know before december. I know cmai8 it would be neat if it just got entered and just spit out a yes or no but no such luck. Good luck ladies. Are you on the cronilogical or by points? how many points do you have if you dont mind me asking?
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    For me I turned in my stuff and should have either 28 or 29 just have to see if they accept it all.
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    for Gizelle, I'm hoping I end up with 30 pts, if the accept my volunteer/work experience. Have you logged back on the the Health Sciences application on the Cypress website lately? I have turned in all my documents but the website says it's not turned in yet. What gives? Also, are you all taking any classes in the meantime this semester? I'm taking Chem 110 online (Coastline). Just so I don't get bored...

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