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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge difference than the previous... Read More

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    SON = School of Nursing :P
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    Yeah I did apply to CSULA, also waiting to hear from SFSU. Darkblue, you've applied to csula as well, right??
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    Yes I mean to reply to what a SoN is...but someone beat me to it!

    And I applied to CSULA too. But looking at everyone's scores, no matter what school, leaves me feeling rather out. Maybe CSUSB will take me? Hopefully...
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    Quote from Spiffyness
    SON = School of Nursing :P
    Haha, I knew that!
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    Since most of you guys are on spring break now, I hope you all have a great, stress-free one.

    Also, Happy Easter for those that celebrate it!
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    Happy Easter everyone!
    Well I know I am kinda late, but that is cause I worked the whole weekend. Thank God I am off for a few days!
    I hope we find out really soon!
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    Yeah, they said around a month right? So maybe sometime this week...
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    Yes, I believe they said a month. My thing is, again, we are already ranked. That was one of the first things they said in the actual interview. So why do they need a month? To stare at our rankings or something? I dont understand it.
    Well, I had some downtime last night between ER admits and I was checking out the fall 2011 thread to see around when they heard back. Well that was bad because of two reasons, one of which because CSULB only took 25 transfers and had to interview previous applicants so that took a couple weeks longer. Secondly, it is making me think they are going to pull those shinaniggins again!
    That worries me because not only does my score suck the big one but also because I am a transfer. Maybe that is why they are taking long? Gosh, I feel like the only one so anxious! And watch I will be one of the first ones to get my alternate letter! Ha! Talk about my typical luck!
    I hope we find out really soon! But part of me already knows what I am.....
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    Oh and about the budget issue.
    My opinion is that I would rather being paying more for an education then having no education at all. Like instead of lowering the number of incoming freshmens or transfers or limiting the admitted nursing students from 90 to 80. I would rather the tuition goes up. I would prefer a much more educated group of future workers.

    Maybe that is just me.
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    Oh jesus, I hope they don't pull crap like that again. Top 25 transfers and interviewing previous applicants?! So unfair Crossing my fingers for the best! Bah! They need to tell us already!
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