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Hey everyone so I have been waiting for a couple of years to finally have all of the pre-reqs done to be able to apply to nursing school. I am finally finished and am just waiting for CSULB-elmsn's... Read More

  1. by   xInspiredx
    Could someone please help me calculate my "score"? I don't quite understand how to get the score, e.g. 9.1 or 9.4. I have read through the school's site, but can't figure out how to calculate it. Thanks so much!
  2. by   Malefocker
    xInspiredx... I realize your post was from 8 months ago... but if you are going to apply for the new cohort I can help you calculate your score
  3. by   siberiantiger
    Quote from xInspiredx
    To those who got accepted: Could you please post what you stats were? I couldn't find any information on what the average GPA and TEAS scores were for past accepted applicants, so I just want an idea. Thank you!
    The stats for 2009 and 2010 are at the following link:

    Our 2011 cohort numbers were slightly higher I believe (or at least that I would like to believe. Haha.)