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Hey everyone so I have been waiting for a couple of years to finally have all of the pre-reqs done to be able to apply to nursing school. I am finally finished and am just waiting for CSULB-elmsn's program which will start in Fall 2011. I want to know who else is planning on applying so we can have each other to go through the process with and I'm not going to lie I would really like to see what the competition is like. Goodluck to everyone. I look forward to meeting you in the fall!

I'll be applying! I need to apply on csumentor soon...

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Yeah the deadline is Nov 30th. Do you have all of your classes completed? Taken the TEAS?

Yes, all my classes are completed. I take the teas nov3. What about you?

Also, on the grad application, are we to skip over the personal statement area?

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I have everything complete... Thinking about retaking the TEAS... got 88.8 overall 97.8 on math... On the personal statement I just wrote something in off the top of my head... I don't think it really matters. I am glad you are on this thing... it is nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing you are. With my TEAS and grades they way they are I have a 9.30 seems pretty competitive but I am still a little worried. Last year the cut off was 9.1 but it has been going up every year. I wonder if the fact that Long Beach just received funding will have an impact on this years applicants. I mean I wonder if there are people out there who were planning on applying but won't realize that they received funding until after nov 30th in which case it will be too late!

That sounds like good scores to me! awesome on the math, congrats. Im hoping to only take them once...but we will see how that goes haha. And yes, I agree it is nice to have people to talk to/ask questions, as Im sure I will have plenty : ) Id say you are a pretty competitive applicant since 10 points is the highest. Ill have to get back to you on what my points are, there are a few prerequisite questions I need to okay and I still need my TEAS.

I have a feeling that there may be a smaller pool of applicants this year. I wouldnt be applying if someone hadnt told me last week that funding was received.

I may shoot them a question about the essay, Im writing so many already, Id rather not do another if I didnt have to hah.

by the way, what did you think of the TEAS exam? did you prepare alot for it?

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I studied for a couple of weeks. Study the ATI Kaplan book.. you will be fine. For me the hardest part was the spelling/grammar who the heck knows when you are supposed to use a comma, as opposed to a semi colin or just add in a conjunction! :)

Okay thanks. Ive been studying from the ATI book (not the kaplan one though), just to brush up on everything. Oh, and im not sure if you submitted your application but in case you are curious, I emailed the coordinator about the essay section and references section and she said "please leave it blank".

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lol, That is funny. I already submitted it but I don't think it is that big of a deal. At least I hope it isn't! :) Do you know of anyone else that is applying for Fall 2011?

Oh I'm sure it's not a problem at all hah. The only other person who I know is applying, or so I think, is someone from the ucla men thread.

Mecn...not men. Ha.

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