CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 Applicants - page 10

Hello, The application for CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 is due Friday April 2nd! Get your stuff in! Has anybody that has submitted already, gotten a confirmation back or heard anything. I submitted the first week in March and... Read More

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    Hi Malefocker! Thanks for replying to my post. I am actually already a member of the ELM group on Facebook (and, if I am not mistaken, we might already be friends on Facebook). I believe I am the only Jen in the group! Do you happen to know anyone who is in the program at present? I just found out that I was admitted to Saddleback's ADN program, which is actually significantly closer to where I live, and now I am sincerely confused as to which school I should attend. I need to make a decision soon! I find the pace of the ELM program a little intimidating, and I was also a little discouraged by some of the comments current students made at orientation. I don't know what to do!

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    @JennNicole; Which programd did you end up attending? How do you like it?

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